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Artist: 2Pac & Boot Camp Clik f/ Big Daddy Kane
Album:  One Nation - The Album
Song:   Where Ever You Are
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[Big Daddy Kane]
Watch me!! - ain't no question
I'm suffering a bad case of lyrical congestion
Not the one for testing
Come mess with it and end up with your chest split
No, not because of cardiac, but because how hard he act Ha!
I'm recognized as the microphone destroyer
Competition minds up in the state of paranoia
I told him if you're scared, go get a dog, so by tomorrow
You'll probably see twenty rappers walking with Rottweilers
Your gimmick is primitive and impotent
You won't win with it, so limit it
Before I make your body start to hemorrhage
Just when you thought that you was burning me
You found yourself bleeding internally
Now your heads is learning, see
I stay in there sincere, you commence prayer
Your heart begets fear, cause there ain't no wins here
Huh! Never kid! - cause even with leverage
I can rock your domepiece worse than the wop ever did - WHAT!

Ha ha ha, nigga, you out your fucking mind?
Ask me to blast, no need to ask cause I'm mashing
Peeping the latest fashion, copy-cats in plastics get me the flashing
My adversaries shipped in caskets, murdered them bastards
Witness the past, got bombastic
Now that they freed me, no one can see me
I completely eradicated my competition, father forgive them
Assemble the troops, prepare my loots for combustion
Rushing them motherfuckers, the deadliest nigga busting
How can they touch me when they lost in thought?
On Death Row; we lock shit down across the ball
Now flash, and watch me get in that ass like a bikini
Lyrical legendary so niggaz'll never see me, completely defeat me
Can never happen whether rapping or scrapping
Niggaz get smashed on their motherfucking back
Hard to kill, and even harder to stop
Watch Kane and Pac drop the show shot!
Tell them motherfuckers

[Big Daddy Kane]
Here's how we'll do it
The niggaz in the pen don't put your cash in your hands
So that I can spend a grand of Benjamen up in Japan
Now who's the man? 
And therefore my Luci, eating Sushi (Ha Ha ha)
Checking out some type of movie featuring the Sho Kosugi

Yeah! tell me Kane, when will niggaz learn?
In this game, fuck with us, niggaz getting burned
We're taking turns on you bitch-made negro-os
I hope it hurts, cause you're worse than these groupie whores

[Big Daddy Kane]
One more time baby
I'll be forever, the gogetter of the Cheddar
Thinking ahead of my competitor, just too clever to sever
I got it together, to represent with my true nig'
The first syllables of our name together is Tu-big
Think about that!