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Artist: 2nd II None
Album:  2nd II None
Song:   Underground Terror
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So you waited and waited and waited, now you comin on down
with a end to get our underground tape, you can't escape
Cause you bitches like the ("shit!"), and you niggaz like the ("shit!")
Put on the tape and hear the jam, it'll make you say ("Goddamn!")

[Gangsta D]
Oh yeah, we're comin with the feeling of a true
With the street point of view, doin things that the others can't do
Step to the side and let the true niggaz speak
You're on the nuts and the motherfuckers droppin to my feet!

Just hangin by a string, tryna get a piece of a cake
All fools drop fuckin weight of the real
(Real) True (true) NIGGAZ~! (Niggaz!)

[Gangsta D]
So don't try to figure
how a nigga like The D, could make so much money
Punkin all these niggaz for they bitch to be my honey
And niggaz keep comin around, claimin they down
Back up fool and stay down and get ready for the...

[Chorus: cuts and scratches by DJ Quik]
"Underground arsenal of terror, now!"
"Now LISTEN!!"

KK on the trigger, niggaz better duck
You played around fool and yo' ass got stuck
Don't even try to fight, you know you get bucked
Oops! I caught you slippin and yo' ass got fucked
Treat her like a pooh-butt, train her like a slut
Without the Vaseline, straight me to the butt
Now open ya booty, you know I need my cut
FUCK the damn money, I get paid by the nut
Huh, hit the switch, cock the grip
Chrome to my side, don't even try to trip
Now the K's on display, wanted accross the land
Knockin boots on a brew with the loot in my hand
I'm the one on the run with a gun and I'm stunning
the rest, the crowd, I do it loud
For the hood I'm down, but now I'm rockin the underground!


[Gangsta D]
Ha! I'm kickin shit, so much shit that it's stankin
A young nigga that's makin the pay
Got these bitches on my nuts like a shell
Cause a nigga like the D serve it well
So get mad, you little sorry motherfucker!
Eat a dick, you little short-dick bustas!
Yeah, I serve the crowd, the bomb-ass yayo
And when I roll, motherfuckers lay low
You wanna be a nigga like me, you gotta
be down for your crown and claim your spot, G
And what I preach ain't quoted from a Bible
If you know what I know, it's all about survival
Cause bitch-made niggaz don't scare me
And if you're lesser than a gat, don't try to tear me
See the D is out to fuck the streets, furious
Comin up with that ("Underground arsenal of terror")