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Artist: 4th Disciple f/ Killah Priest, Shanghai the Messenger
Album:  Steel Valley Project, Vol. 1
Song:   Devil in Descize
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[Killah Priest]
I bit the food, open my eyes
Divide the truth from the lies, evil rabbis with suit and ties
On Palm Sundays, no longer Mondays, I stay calm on Tuesdays
While crews are sprayed on fatal Wednesdays
As friends lay in coffins, I made it through abortion
and move in caution, the mid-night offerin
and in deep knifes, the peace pipes at nights
Religious sacrifice, pay entyce to an anti-Christ
White Rose when readin scrolls by dark souls takin strolls
around the solar system, the wisdom of a fortune teller
from the depths of a scorchin cellar, hot as face with the umbrella
and once the night falls, build in synagogues
holdin feast to the golden beast in the tabernacle
shackled by the son of a jackel with the face of a pteradactyl
Know you not that G, you wasn't cursed, see and unworthy for the mercy
Since Eve and Adam had a polluted orgasm, causes cramps and back spasm
Words shift in sex, the wage is as sin as death, condemns the flesh
They worshipped black ravens, engravin idols, givin heed to Paegen titles
Send men ragin in rivals, readin all sorts of bibles for survival
Death haunts the mental, the evil that the men do, the red dots of the Hindu
The serpent tattoo, the witches brew, the priest's voodoo
The black magic, the devil sabbath
taboo, religious practice from the hour glasses
The crystal ball, the magic wand, then step beyond the Wrath of Kong
Many are called but few are chosen

*60 Sec. awws in the background to fade*

[Shanghai the Messenger]
Look beyond his colors, look beyond his skin
Look beyond the way he moves, look deep within
Look beyond his face, look beyond his smile
I am warning you he's a Devil in Descize
Look beyond his riches, look beyond his fame
He's only using you for his own game
cuz anything he do, anything he say
you just can't trust, he's a Devil in Descize
He's a Devil in Descize, he's a Devil in Descize
He's a Devil in Descize.. *fades*