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Artist: 7evenThirty
Album:  Heaven's Computer *
Song:   Twenty Twelve
Typed by: @7evenThirty @MelloMusicGroup


[Verse 1]
Destructive by design
One touch and I'm inclined to get gully and vulgar
I only first landed and killed Scully and Mulder
Sci-Fi horror flick
Distorted mix master soundtrack sorta slaughter
Quarter click from major personality disorder
Boy I got them fangs sharpened
And got that “thang” chargin'
Runnnin' down the street screamin' like a wild beast flingin' funky styles at you
And even 5-D's beats is bustin' shots at you
So duck mu'fucka, or get painted on the wall like these other mu'fuckas
Jeepers, only remains are gold chains
Mangled pieces
Stains on my Adidas
Abstract artist that got ya whole squad
lookin' like a Jackson Pollock, splattered on canvas
Slappin' those stanzas to ya face
with no safety regulation taken into consideration
Instant defacement with incineration
Come with that junk, get thrown in the trunk
with the rest of them pitiful emcees and them CDs
you passed out you know I never will listen to
You're landfill material (gar-BAGE)
It's the player hater dark wit
Laser saber Dark Sith
And you say you Mace Windu, so I sling you out the window
Fuck you and the Force, I'm the source
Shine light in your third eye and throw you off coarse
I'm the enemy
Plus I know all your history
The thing about me, you can't de-mystify the mystery
Only one survivor that's seen me can just describe and indefinable entity
I got psychiatrists rockin' 3-D goggles, smokin' peace pipes
Said they trying to see what I think like
Seems like you were put here for me to exercise my lower chakra
Drop the hammer on ya

[Verse 2]
Back the fuck up, boy he might shock ya
My ghetto blaster
Turns into an atom smasher
At the press of a button and I ain't read the instructions
So it's best you don't touch him unless you plan to get mopped up
I'm from a planet called Off With His Head
that's part of a solar system called Kill A Rapper Dead
And once I tap into that monster mode in my soul
all I see is red flashes
All you see is blackness