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Artist: 9th Prince
Album:  Revenge Is Coming
Song:   Dark Room
Typed by: Tha Masta

[movie sample]
You gon' sentence me? Is that what you gon' do?
You know what? I am
Lemme tell you why
I don't really wanna care why, just get on with the...
Just shut your mouth, sir!
No, I'm not gonna shut my mouth!
Next time I'm gonna have you gagged!
You're gonna have me gagged?
Uh-huh, you're right, I am
OK, have my gagged then
Based upon your conduct in this court
Your conduct in the community, your total disregard for the laws
The total disregard for those on the frontline
there protecting American society which is based on laws
Those people known as police officers
I am accepting the state's recommendation
Good, thank you
I'll take another
The only thing I can say to you on behalf of all the citizen's in this
Bye, bye...

{*jail cell closes*}

[9th Prince]
Yeah... trapped in the dark room

[Chorus: Archive sample]
Stress feel strain from stress, man made hell yes
Stress feel strain from stress, man made hell yes

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, writing on dusty records, life is hectic
You wouldn't expect it, watch how I total wreck it
While trapped in a dark room, everything is gloom
My mind is a weapon, I spit with a boom
My niggaz overseas know I rhyme cock D's, nobody spit like we
We shake the Earth when we walk on our feet
The 9th Prince, a Soldier of the Darkness
Me and Shocker is heartless, when we spark this
The Killarmy military leave niggaz leary
And slap dick to Mariah Carey, welcome to the Shaolin Grounds
New York, New York, the beast pounds with sounds
I used to rhyme in the dark, burn MC's in the park
It was all part of the art
My words will send you straight to the moon
The 9th Prince and Shocker, I leave niggaz trapped in the dark room

[Chorus 2X]

{*jail cell closes*}