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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Akir, AR.Change.L
Album:  Revenge Is Coming
Song:   Top Secret
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Superman sample]
They are probably the largest and most ruthless
gang of saboteurs in this country...
This briefcase contains a list of their names
Together, with their diabolical plans of destruction

Cold wind blow, in and out the window
Looking for culprits, trying to compile all the info
Keep it smooth, they watch for rough movements
That's why we stay sharp and advance as a unit
Do it, is the anthem that kidnapped us, hold us for ransom
So I stay far from flashing, or hip to fashion
Women all over me laughing, saying I'm handsome
Cops making up pop hits trying to band up the Hansons
So I stay lowkey, focus on bringing the cash in
Picture of my son over the box I hold my stash in (I love you, boy)
All ready and passionate to make it happen
Far from a pacifist, entrepreneur or activist
To think my people masochists cuz we passionate
Against the shit they blast us with, time for action and
Let's get it popping, let's get to planning
We need specifics, logistics, be explicit
Get it, time for expanding, we gifted to flip it so sit and bob on
Won't provide you higher vision so you gotta make a decision
More than just living, me and my people on a mission

[9th Prince]
I'm lyrical and spiritual, out to get rituals
I paint pictures so you could see that I'm visual
The 9th Prince, I'm a master like sensai
Kidnap... {*woman screaming*}, tell a hoe, put up a million
Bitches that's Brazilian wanna go half on my children
The Grandaddy Flow is in the building
Top notch speaker, follow the leader
Holy Qu'ran and bible reader
I flow so heavy, almost broke the meters
Niggaz catching seizures, broken arms and legs
You need a lift like pegs, never rock Pro-keds
Niggaz stay watching me like the feds
Boom, boom, two in the head, you're dead
Zoom, zoom, I fled, left the scene all red
Vocals get laid down in the studio file
The golden child from the wilderness that's wild

[movie sample (AR.Change.L)]
Black, following closely in the wake of a series of baffling crimes
The body of an elderly man has just been found
in the marsh flats outside the city
He has been identified as... (Francis Rigs)
He is believed to be the victim of an organized ring
Of Saboteurs, more news later...

Yeah, covered in the camouflage, no entourage
Moving with machetes, ready, now we could bring it on
Jungle made of concrete, peep the monologue
I'm sending sig-a-nals inside of pho-to-ga-raphs
Never movie star, spitting bars with barage
Leaving bombs in their cars, rip 'em all the fuck apart
Every scar is a different story different war
Warrior that you never ever ever seen before
Biting bullets with my teeth, spit 'em on the floor
Taken from the hard drives, cold coming to ya raw
Striking with a tiger claw and a bear paw
Even more, leave ya body and ya neck T-4's
B-brief the chief of staff, T-terrible
It's what they profile's never called, never fornical
No support, pirate moving in ya ships poor
Sports mish, son aboard or you get's slaugh-tered

[Superman sample]
They will stop at nothing to recover these records
I must get them through to Washington
Hmm... I understand
I'll see that you have an escort to the airport