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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Stoneface
Album:  Revenge Is Coming
Song:   You Ain't Hear
Typed by: Tha Masta

[vocal sample - repeats throughout song]
Oh, she's gotta wait now

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, most of my dark years
Drowning in my sorrow with my peers
Lies of ignorance being sung in my ears
Pushing my self-esteem a lower gear
I swear, drown me in my chair
While getting my dick sucked celebrating like Cheers
Life is like an improper fraction
Counting money with no distraction
Automatics in, relaxing
Low profile like a high-paid assassin
Slaughtering, rewards in
Putting niggaz in their coffins
Popping bottles often
Yeah, y'all niggaz is soft, like the hands of women
Or the cloth of linen
Mr. Grandaddy Flow Optimus
Smoke more water than The Abyss
Gangster nemesis, reminisce all my slickness
9th Prince, mystics, Maia Angelou ballistics
Explicit, realistic, how I kick it

They told me if you shake 'em up, boy, you gon' wake 'em up
Put a little batter in the mix, start caking up
I had to cut crimes in the past, ball this, corrupt
Had to ante up, nose candy couldn't blow me up
The street's calling me, warning me, that's my mistress
Clenching on a sheet, backshots are ridiculous
I crip walk, speak blood in my sentences
And been a benefit to graduate from a tenement
You ain't feeling it? Then you'se a motherfucking idiot
Double I sicker than a bitch with clamydia
My familia, never deal with multimedia
But when she cross, sprint, move like a cheetah
Bang, bang, voice of the asphalt speakers
Thugs that was raised from a buck, cop heaters
Some cop the white line, some cop the broccoli
Some got the juice to boost your clientele properly