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Artist: 9th Prince f/ Brie, Cappadonna, Masta Killa
Album:  Back to the 36 (Single)
Song:   Back to the 36
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Brie]
It's Wu-Tang, muthafucka
Ya'll niggas can't fuck with us

[Masta Killa]
Calm nerve with the best herb, meditation good for the master mind expansion
Nothing diluted or tampered, rhyme raw, the snort'll make your nose bleed
My words all paper, take shape and form
Killarmy's that bomb atomically, you've been warned
You family, I'm on the lost, shoot at wannabees
Testing a true MC, why risk it?
You better off slicing your wrist, don't miss your shoot
You better hit me, peace to my brother Slick, original foundation
Stack brick like a master mason when I build
Real ill like an NFL skill, drill steel
Yo 9th, let's snatch about ten mil and chill

Welcome back to the 36th
Me and my nigga 9th Prince, hop off the Goethals
Hit Now Jeruz', all crazy and hostile
Gotta watch for the Popeye boys, they might pop you
Stop on any block, twist the downer
Honey's everywhere, yo the Gods is power
Have to floss on something, slip in the bar
Killah Hill Army, yo take a flick of the stars
Champagne in the spotlight, panties and bras
Educated rich black kids with scars
At the Farrakhan march, yo the world is ours
The glitter, all of my family, the trunks and cars
Never dumb black people, thoughts travel to Mars
Then we add on to life, by constantly elevating
Avoid the bitch niggas, that's out there ovulating

[Chorus: Brie]
Just so you know, this is my life, yeah, this is my life
And it ain't all riches and gold, but, this is my life, this is my life
Plotting on me, I see, dare you to try to take it from me
I put in work so respect the throne
9th Prince, yo, we hold our own, I put in work so respect the throne

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, Egyptology, try not to acknowledge thee
Verbal biology, biochemical poetry
Stroll the streets, the black Jesus looking for a Judas
Here's a corner, have fist to your brain
Not to pursue this, I open up your imagination like George Lucas
I leave the microphone spinning like a cyclone, heading for the red zone
Ya'll niggas is fake like titties with silicone
Make way, only a few could stay
Those who wanna stray, get sprayed with the AK
Western civilization, technology, try and follow me
Demolish me, me and my Killarmy
But I'm in tune with the universe like I study cosmology
Killa with the flow is my policy
Raise your flag, this is hip hop democracy
Here I come, hear the sounds, now feel the vibrations of my drums
African descendant, transcendent, my evolutionary origin begins
Way back when scientists started figuring
The 9th Prince has no beginning or ending
Rappers still pretending, and selling niggas the illusion
Where's the contribution, I rewrite the constitution
Cappadonna, my persona's, still my honor
The 9th Prince carry on the Wu-Tang saga