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Artist: 9th Wonder f/ Phonte, DJ Flash
Album:  The Wonder Years
Song:   Band Practice
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[Intro: DJ Flash]
You know what it is! ("Dirty.." <- Jeru Tha Damaja)
DJ Flash all in your area!
[Phonte] (DJ Flash)
Let's do it, yo..
It go work that body for all my niggas (Big shouts to Median)
Five-star gener-als and y'all beginners (Rapsody, Act Proof)
Rock on my niggas, get it on my niggas (My man Phontigallo)
Yo... (9th Wonder, WADDUP?)
Mr. Get Busy, Mr. So-Damn-Nitpicky
Circle you squares 'til I get dizzy
and bumrush ya whole spot 
My rap slapboxs with robots like Sam Witwicky
I +Left it All Behind+ now I'm takin my shit with me
Gave you a chance to shine now it's time that we get gritty
and we can rhyme, go line for line, I got plenty of time
You can stay all day like Ms. Millie
You rap niggas kill me, it's just too much for me
Fathered the style, then I gave up custody
Until reluctantly, my fam reminded in so many words
that can't no nigga FUCK wit' me
Such disgust, so many things I could discuss
and lames that I could distrust
Touch, the radio sometimes to see what I might've missed
and from the, sound of thangs, I ain't missed much
My nigga P said +Take Your Time+, it's like planets when they align
Hell, yee ain't even gotta rhyme
Not boastin, but I could coast it
Especially when niggas still trippin off the shit we did in '99
But Tigga ain't a coward, and still my pride just can't allow it
So I'ma spit for the many dozens
fans that kept a nigga hot when a nigga wasn't
And straight kept a nigga fed when a nigga strugglin
Survived shutdowns, break-ups and Beni budgets
Surprised that I lived to tell any of it
This joint tip but I'm anointed
So any shots this way 'bout as pointless as titty-fuckin
Whoa son, you're doing it ass-backwards
Tay spit fire from here to Grand Rapids
Michigan, me and 9th, two of God's instruments
And when we get together, nigga call it band practice
("We have a band that's all you need~!")
[Outro: Phonte] (DJ Flash)
Work that body for all my niggas (Shout out to my homeboy Nicolay)
Five-star gener-als and y'all beginners (The whole +FE Music)
Rock on my niggas, get it on my niggas (Zo! Waddup big homie?)
Work that body for all my niggas (Shout out to ME, goddamn it!)
Five-star gener-als and y'all beginners (Shit~! That's how we doin it right now)
(For the two-oh'-one-one {*laughs*})