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Artist: Above the Law f/ N.W.A.
Album:  Livin' Like Hustlers/N.W.A. Legacy [Disc 02] 
Song:   The Last Song 
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[Intro: Lay Law Talking]
Yo, D.O.C. - why don't you blaze that J?
Cause this is the Law House experience
So you know, it's gonna be some mega shit
So who is that? 

KM.G will never be a trick 
Step up to the mic like a baller then I pimp this gift 
And only I possess 
I illustrated that way to get this shit off my chest 
I'm ghetto raise to amaze the crowd, it's quite simple 
KM.G has degrees from Unity of South Central 
I'm a graduate, and it's all legit 
From the pimpin, the ballin' and all that good shit 
I have the mega thoughts, in which I speak in a slang 
While I'm peekin' it with the Gs from the Ruthless gang 
Ain't nothin' changes but the weather like I said before 
Cause I'm livin' like hustlers and I'm checkin' galore 
Yo, I have to give it up to the D.O.C. 
A Ruthless brother, who's down with the KM.G 
So all hail to the niggaz that's turnin' it out 
And maybe then, I'll take the gun barrel out of your mouth 

[Break: Lay Law]
Knowledge, from one generation to another
Perserved, and then transmitted, get it? 
Down the Ruthless way, you know what I'm saying? 
So what's up Dre? 

[Dr. Dre] 
Now I'm a swinger, I'm not a motherfuckin' singer 
But I bring up, melody that always seems to ring up 
Bell as well, let's make it so you can tell 
Yo, it's comin' from Compton where the ballers dwell 
Cause I'm Dre, the motherfuckin' doctor, causin' propaganda 
When I'm on the mic, I demand a 
Little bit of time to express myself 
From CD and wax, kickin' the facts and it's like that 
A nigga with a motherfuckin' attitude 
You know the deal, kickin' some real shit 
And if a sucker ever thinks he can get some from me
Yo, step off, I'm kickin' lyrics for the deaf and the dumb 
But any occasion, gettin' the bitches with the mega persuasion 
Then my dick starts to make an invasion 
But, yo, I can't go on 
Because this is the end of my part on the last song 

[Break: Lay Law]
Real G from the streets, villainous when he speaks 
For he bust this he can't deal, and give it up for real 

[MC Ren] 
Now when you see me, you're duckin' and slippin, yo, then you fell down 
You fucked up and finally figured who was the cell down 
Pullin' the pulls, crotchin' the bull 
The weak motherfuckers were smellin' like shit 
So I guess that they're full of it
And I love it when I dress like a crook 
With a "I don't give a fuck" look 
The Villain was thumpin' off like a hero 
Jackin' other niggaz with beef, off of relief, I mean the zeros 
The rest of the 100 precent was sent to do what I say 
N.W.A. and A.T.L. and we don't play 
The DOC is doin' it also correctly 
See, I broke it down for the ones who tried to check me 
But I can't be checked, cause I'm the checker 
When you see a nigga wrecked, believe that I'm the wrecker 
The right is for the fight then the left will attend 
When doin' it wrong, MC Ren is on the last song 

[Break: Lay Law]
From a genius to temporary insanity, the ganster's dream 
The bitches' fanasty, Ruthless, so now we've come to the pay off 

One motherfuckin, two motherfuckin' three 
It's the Hip-Hop thugster Eazy-E 
So I grab the mic and then I clear my throat 
First nigga kickin' lyrics in a straightcoat 
It's Eazy for me to come off like this 
So you can kiss my ass where the sun rays miss 
Or just give me the pussy, then I'll be straight 
And if you don't, fuck it, I'll masturbate 
(We wanna fuck you Eazy) yeah, you bitches scream 
Now bow down and praise The Lord for the wing ding 
I got skill to deal and run game on bitches 
You can tell that I'm sick, by the triple sixes 
I hear voices in my head for what reason 
Then when the talkin' stops (*Gun Shot*) it's stopped by season 
So back the fuck off and give me respect 
Now they're shippin' me off cause Eazy played with a half deck 

[Break: Lay Law]
Criminal in his thoughts, murderous in his lyrics 
The notorious Cold 

[Cold 187Um] 
187Um, you know, I gotta have it 
Now being above the law is an everyday habit 
If you think I drop some pimp shit, I ain't 
Perhaps, I say a couple rhymes to make the bitches faint 
Now everybody wants to chill, ill and bill
Now what the fuck is the deal? 
You need a nigga like me to get the shit goin'
187Um has got the ultimate flowin' 
Now it's time, for me to go off like a maniac 
Run up, for cover cause I'm on the attiznack 
An untouchable player rolled up into one mind 
87 reasons, why fools stayin' in line 
Cause I ain't the average nigga behind the trigger 
I lay and spray anythin' in my way 
Cause I'm a boss player, for the streets of South Central 
Believe what you want, but soon you'll eventually see 
That A.T.L is straight to mega 
Don't be surprise cause we played you like Sega 
And as bodies keep droppin, you see me keep movin' on 
Peace, I'm outta here, cause this is the last song 

[Break: Lay Law]
Mega place, persuasion, that's from the House
Law House that is; all graduates from U.S.C.
For those that don't know, it's the University of South Central

[Dr. Dre] 
Yeah, you know that shit Law
Yo, this is Dr. Dre, Ruthless Records is in full motherfuckin' effect
Droppin' shit that's goin' to hit 9.2 on the Ricta Scale, boy

[Cold 187Um]
And yeah, this is Cooooooooooold 187Um in the place

[Dr. Dre]
Word up!

[Cold 187Um]
A.T.L definitely ranched y'all, y'all brought it so y'all caught it

[Dr. Dre]
A dose to the Mega Flex
Yo, right about now we wanna give a shout out to everybody 
That helped put this motherafuckin' project together

[Cold 187Um]
Yeah, I'd like to give a shout out to my homie KM.G
Yo, DJ Total Koas, Go-Mack With The Sack and Lay Law

[Dr. Dre]
And you know that, I wanna give a shout out to my homie MC Ren
Eazy-E the Hip-Hop Thuggster, my homie DJ Yella, The D.O.C. and Michel'le

Yo, shouts goes out to Donovan
Mic Home, Stan, Mike Sims, L.A. Dre, you know, and to Jerry

[Dr. Dre]
And you know that, brand shit
Awww yeah, Mega thoughts, Law House
Definitely, gotta give a shout out to every record they kick it kind of soft
Law House, Hip-Hop

Break the City, Above the Law, kickin' Lyrics, Above the Law

[Dr. Dre]
West Coast is takin' this shit over

To the nineties, the nineties