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Artist: Alexipharmic
Album:  American Beauty
Song:   Atefah
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You were born in 88, never made it past your sweet 16 
It seems dreams don't trickle down to peasants from queens 
But please understand my habeebatee 
Words can't communicate what you mean to me 
Life aint supposed to be a misery and mystery 
It sickens me to think that you'd be lost into history 
Until I die we fly to infinity I'll be sure the world knowsÉ 
When your mother died at five in a sudden car crash 
Your life was divided in the little shards of glass 
You tried to hide it but these scars will last 
It's hard to grasp another star collapsed 
Your dad looked for visions of your mom in his arm 
When he should've been looking in your eyes all along 
Not realizing dawn when the sunrise is gone 
So I do my best to right wrongs in this song  


Hassan came along as a glimmer of hope 
When your grandparents treated you like a ghost 
And a hermit turned butterfly when love bloomed 
But you weren't allowed to date so it had to cocoon 
Innocence stripped at the hands of Ali 
Darabee when you tried to break free 
Until I die, we fly to infinity 
I'll be sure the world knows 
If the moral police were really doing their job 
They couldn't have claimed to use Sharia Law 
In the name of Allah, humanity and innocence 
You were too jameelah in and out for imprisonment 
1 secret kept, 3 years of abuse 
1 prison sentence, 1 rope and 1 noose 
1 hundred lashes for confessing the truth 
1 little girl too pure for this world  


I can see you in my mind's eye as you fly by 
And I'd reverse time on Hahji Rezhi 
If I could find how to rearrange the stars 
Move space and time, break you out of your bars 
Wipe the tears from your face, sew up your scars 
Stop the whole human race in place for what they carved  
Until I die, we fly to infinity 
I'll be sure the world knows  
Life is to be loved (and) love is to be lived  
(And) You went to the light (and) you were just a kid 
They do what they did cause they could see the spirit in ya 
You stood up for yourself, you were life's taliba 
Real woman fighting back when they tried to hide this 
Voice for the oppressed in a world of laryngitis 
Close your eyes with the knowledge you saved 
A million other girls from an early grave 
Atefah, you can now close your eyes 
Spread your wings to the skies 
Atefah, you didn't die in vain
I'll get this to change