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Artist: AllFrumThaI f/ Ice Cube, Mack 10
Album:  AllFrumThaI
Song:   Dopest On the Planet
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We the dopest niggas on the planet, though
Mobbin thru ya hood, fadin all of you
We [these crips on my team ?] ,niggas can't believe
360 degrees, we makin cheese
Woa, whoo, you can't fuck wit the West
Woa, whoo, we got the bomb, you got the stress
Now grab your automatics and watch these niggas panic
Cuz Mack, Squeak and Cube be the dopest on the planet

(Verse 1 -Mack 10)
It's a must we keep it gangsta, floosin on Dz
Incredible Dub S-C-Gz
So pack up ya lunch and kiss momma bye
When you see Mack and Cube and AllFrumThaI
We be robbin, still stackin chips to the [???]
Night-stalkin like Ramirez and serial killin
Cuz Mack is the shooter, Cube is connivin
Squeak be duct tapin while Bink do the drivin

(Verse 2 -Ice Cube)
Everybody check ya fuckin cd-rom
Triple Double U Dot Com, it's the Don
Make it happen, super nigga, that's right
Wit a group of niggas, Westside
We tied universal, not commercial
No rehearsal gotta [search you ?]
Before we hurt you
I don't give a fuck where you grew, nigga
None of y'all niggas true to the Double U, nigga

(Verse 3 -Squeak Ru)
Don't make me kill again
Tell a friend you couldn't fuck wit Squeak, Cube and Mack 10
Double barrel to the chin, grin when you comprehend
Buck, buck, when I'm blastin
That's how I move em out the way when I spray
Connect Gang, nigga, everyday
No this ain't no muthafuckin puzzle
I'm a gangsta to the fullest, so you know I love trouble


(Verse 4 -Mack10)
I keep (???) in a chamber, say I won't shoot
You had a chance to hand it over before my niggas loot you
Give it on by the [test ?], I got the hood head up
If you know what's best, just give yo shit up
You got me scared, nervous, my adrenaline pumpin
So make a def wish cuz I'm down 'sho dumpin
Mashin is the name and know that I'm shady
Leavin dome pieces drippin and full of 3-80s

(Verse 5 -Ice Cube)
God dammit, niggas take my planet for granted
You got to hand it, Westside livin's enchanted
So when you see Ice Cube wit AllFrumThaI
Say your prayers cuz you all [finna ?] die
It's the ghetto Ayatolla, let me hold a Motorola
I get a [???] niggas killin like he [???],I'm solar
Lookin for you Westside bark holes
Or I'm sendin niggas dumpin by the [???]

(Verse 6 -Squeak Ru)
Have you seen these niggas in action
Have you seen the way we be taxin
Ain't nuttin but the Crips and Bloods, slangin slugs
Fuck a set trippin shit with love
Westside niggas be the roughest
WC is down to do out the [cutless ?]
I got the [???] and the weed to blow
Let's mash down the 'Shaw and let the world know:


We-e-estsi-i-ide! Fo' life!
WestsideRiders! AllFrumThaI
Pushin weight 9-8
Bitch ass niggas, go back, go back, go back!