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Artist: Apathy
Album:  Welcome to Assholeville Part II (S) *
Song:   Welcome to Assholeville Part II
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His unholy mission is to invade and conquer Earth
I have given him most beautiful and deadly weapons for this purpose
We shall conquer Earth and the entire galaxy!!

It's a, Demigod with a heater that's robbin a preacher
and drives away bumpin "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
The undefeated since a fetus is feeble and futile
If you were to ever try to fuck with a man with a fetish for voodoo
The Vatican burner, packin a burner
Bird-slapper purse-snatcher hearse-jacker
I jog and the Earth fractures
In fractions of seconds the weapons I'm packin are poppin
When I run up rockin the mask like I'm Batman and robbin
So shut the fuck up, you ain't half as bad as Chad
I'm the future with the fury, I'm Medusa on the rag
I'm from Assholeville, middle finger on the flag
Eight heads in a duffel bag and my jeans are sagged
So Merry Christmas bitches~! I'm about my business
I'm Lucifer with the brains of a nuclear physicist
You say you get bi-itches, but that is ridiculous
Been with your girl for years and still can't find her clitoris
I'm stupid as a doofus type of vibe
Sometimes forget rhymes like Lupe did with Tribe
Won't lie, I'm real fucked up inside
And there's nowhere to run to, there's nowhere to hide
And I could never ever give these little bitches affection
Half of my ex's are probably livin in witness protection
This girl from Connecticut now is considered a Texan
Got bagged with a bag tryin to smuggle my Tecs in
I'm reckless, reachin for your girlfriend's breastesses
Rapper slash face snatchin necks or necklaces
Effortless, what more could y'all expect from this?
Ap' is a motherfuckin rap perfectionist
Fly hoody pussy getter, nobody does it better
Yell at 'em like Eddie Vedder venom spewin from every letter
Written in my rhymes shit I rip it every time
Did it, hit it, sippin Glenfiddich, fuck wine
Fiddle with her titties get her digits if time permits
Overload your brain with data blow your circuits
Atta boy, up and at 'em there's rappers to destroy
Bombs deployed, destroyed, I'm somethin you can't avoid
I'm a droid, I'm a Druid, I'm stupid, I'm your boy
I'm the fluid in your veins that pop on steroids
I'm a motherfuckin menace, backhand hoes like tennis
Have her suckin on my pen-is get her wetter than Venice
And if you've never heard a perfect verse I'll show you what a ten is
Just open up a notebook and point me to where the pen is
Your famous last words will be Ap's so ill
Happy new year bitch, welcome to Assholeville!!!