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Artist: A$AP Mob f/ Danny Brown, Fat Trel, Gun Play
Album:  Lords Never Worry
Song:   Coke and White Bitches: Chapter 2
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: ASAP Ant]
Chickens on the sink, crack on the stove
Triple beam for the weight, cut the middle man
Tryna get 8 white bitches snorting off the plate
Coke from Columbia, riding 'round in the Benz
Looking like a trap star, flipping raw day and night
Tryna get my money right, naw I ain't living right
Fucking bitches all night, kick 'em out the next day
Everyday is pay day
Hit me with a half bring it back in two days
Living in Cali by the oceans
Condo got em open, long dick stroke em
I send 'em to the husband, he over there fussing
I'm over here fucking no loving
Puffing on heavenly, rock star 70's
Slim pants, ripped jeans, Jeremy Scott wings
Bucket hat on lean, counting up cream
Rolling on beans, disobedient with dreams
Tatted from neck to air, bitches they want to stare
Macking with hoes as I pose
Hammer in my drawers, Henny out my pores, as I pour
Hit the blunt, 200 on the dash as I pass

[Chorus: ASAP Ant]
Coke and white bitches
Coke and white bitches
Just coke and white bitches
Coke and white bitches
Coke and white bitches
Just coke and white bitches
Coke and white bitches
Coke and white bitches

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
Snatch a nigga Carties off his face, no burner
Got a Eastside nigga that'll leave you on Vernor
Burberry belt, yo bitch wanna unbuckle it
Off of 2 lines, now she wanna suck on it
IPhone ringing and it's all about a profit
Coke and white bitches, nigga that's the topic
Smoking on them cookies, dropping ashes on the Balmain
Ain't talking 'bout hooping, when she say ball game
Drinking on a tall can, bitch get naked
Told that ho to suck my dick, she said "give me a second"
The mothafuckin' bruiser put it all in your medula
Hit the poop shooter, shoot it on her soup cooler


[Verse 3: Fat Trel]
Okay, let's talk about alice, mansion out in Dallas
Like to sniff white in my off-white palace
Said she getting married, I love her for her talents
And she love me cause I grind, I grind, I (malice[?])
Sniffing when she wake up, stripping with no makeup
Ecstasy for dinner, I'm a winner, you a pay cut
Skinny white bitches, rich dyke bitches
E'ryday a movie, groupie Lee Spike living
You ain't got no money cause you need white bitches
White S5 with switches, that's big business
Living room filled with women, filthy living
Whipping rental whips in the winter, December, nigga


[Verse 4: Gunplay]
Nigga, cocaine connoisseur, white bitch carnivore
You can see I'm high, no need to ponder more
I put my nose to the straw and tear the condom off, I know I'm kinda off
Human bath salt, with a passport
And a cracker ho that give me what I ask for
It's a party, every bitch here named Molly
'Til crazy ass Gunplay came and Tec Nined it
Just a thug on drugs, not doing much
So skeed up, man I can't even nut
Got the bitch jaw sore, ho can't even grub
Who got the hoes and the blow, I wanna know, hit me up