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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Fifth Element Presents: Atmosphere Storybook Vol. 1
Song:   By Your Side *
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* Previously unreleased

Ooh shit
I like this one, yeah
Shit reminds me of some old Ice-T, or something
Makes me want to tell a story

Y'all know I used to own a bar right?
It was in El Paso, I called it "The Hard Life"
If you step outside on a dark night
Check it out, Juarez look like starlight
You gon' think that it sound contrived
But it's just like how I described
July in 2005
when the Devil walked into my small little dive
She came inside and sat down
Whatever, we see all types in that town
She kind of blended into the background
The waitress went over like "What will you have now?"
She asked for a whisky coke
The waitress stood there looking like a ghost
And then the Devil cleared her throat
Lowered her voice, and this is the quote she spoke

I love you, you make me high
If you love me back, I'll never say goodbye
I love you, ain't no lie
If you love me back, we can paint the sky
But we ain't gotta get into it tonight
Walk away if you afraid to try
But tell me what you want to do with your life
cause on the day you die, I'll be by your side

Okay, I guess so
Apparently my waitress is afraid of the Devil
And I could tell that she felt unsettled
Go take a cigarette break, get mellow
The whole bar got quiet, seemed like
everything went plush and dreamlike
I didn't know what to think
But I kept my cool while I prepared that drink
Then I delivered her beverage
That will be two dollars, fifty cents miss
She didn't even pretend to flinch
Just grabbed the glass, took it straight to her lips
But I wasn't convinced
It don't matter who you are, I'm running a business
Fuck you, pay me, not including the tip
She was looking into the distance and said this


I know they call her Lady Luck
But, she still got to pay me up
She tryna front over a couple of bucks
She can suck the straw that broke the camel's hump
I bust my ass tryna touch some cash
Now I gotta come and put up with this trash?
For what? So I can eat these table scraps?
Get old and hope I ain't gotta pay more tax?
I started making observations
Looking around the room, watching faces
Complaints have replaced my patience
I hate my life but I'm so complacent
This time gonna make some changes
Made my mind up to turn these pages
I pulled out the key to the place
and gave the bar to the Devil, then I married the waitress


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
You wanna be a high roller?