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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  The Family Sign
Song:   Ain't Nobody
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Spoke up, hold up, I'm on that grown up stuff
I'll be the butt of your joke cause I can hold my cup
You jumped in that tub, you're trying to soak it up
You chose to go and get stuck, I'm not your gold rush
Yeah I showed up, was hoping to post up
Every few moments you move more close up
I notice the donuts, I'm open to no such
like it's my obligation to show love, you know what?
Yeah you know what

Yeah I came to party
But I don't wanna party with you
You know I ain't nobody
Yeah I came to party
But I don't wanna party with you

Uh huh, that's when it became apparent
that you're accustomed to the ways of embarrassment
Uh huh, I want no place in your experiment
But if I walk away you'll blame it on my arrogance
Let's make this clear, I'm not your therapist
There is no interest in hearing about your carelessness
I'd rather disappear like a spirit, just lift
into the air, carry me away from where this is
I'm not hearing it


Looking around for a cause to get lost to
The drop off's too deep to try to cross through
There's no crown for the fisherman that caught you
So this the sound of me whistling the wrong tune
It's gotta be obvious, I'm not who you should talk to
You ought to probably just walk, no one will stop you
Fly to the washroom, try to fix your costume
Yeah I'm with somebody and I promise that she's not you
Thought you knew


Now you go away, far away
Now you go away, far away