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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  The Family Sign
Song:   Who I'll Never Be
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She locked herself in that room
with a full view of a full moon
And this where she come to fly
when she wanna disappear from what's outside
I try not to make it obvious
She doesn't know there's an audience
These walls are ribbon-thin
So it ain't my fault that I'm listening
And I can make out every word
cause she sing loud like a trapped bird
She looks out at the stars
when she writes songs on that guitar

And every song you write without me
Just another sad song to me
And every song you write without me
sound like who I'll never be

She picked up her instrument
and I don't know where I went
I just close my eyes and float
like I'm in there with her trying to hold
all the notes she hits, motionless
My secret solo show she gives
Sometimes she'll search for a line
and I wish I could give her one of mine
But it would all unravel
if she found out I was in the shadow
So I suppress what I obsess
But your biggest fan wanna sing a duet


Familiar with the voice of the lonely
Lost in the noise of the wind blowing
Go ahead girl, tell your story
But the siren don't wail for holy
Play your heart by strings with the parts you sing
Can't wait to hear what tomorrow brings
And if you ever get to smile
I'll be right here trying to reconcile
my desire to admire your sadness
You gon' rise from the fire and ashes
And if it's all the same to you
You ought to let me be the one to help change your tune