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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  God Loves Ugly
Song:   A Girl Named Hope
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*whispers* Come on, let's go
She abandoned me, left me out in the cold
No surprises, I guess that's how it goes
Sits across from me, at a booth in this dive(?)
I contemplate how much more I can survive
But I'm alive, so I should be content
Then tell why the hell my whole world is bent
I was sentiment can frustrate the population
In-between the alcohol and the copulation
What you call it, if you build it I will break it
What's wrong? How you doin'? Nah, save it
Gave it(?her?) a fraction of all I had to give
I guess I hold a grudge, cause you still got my rib
With your beautiful eyes, unscrupulous lies
Now watch the circus clown run around in circles and try
Seems like all I get to eat is hope
Girl, if we got along better we'd be dope

Oh walls, they surround me
Loneliness, has found me

And for as much as I complain, I'm lovin' it
And I only mention it so that I can rub it in
Wake up to the sunlight, shake off last night
Check what's left and try to get the rest right
Decision, splitting headache lifting
Symptoms matching, mama was afraid of it
Knowledge of self ain't as evil as they made it
Call it what you want, if you build it they will break it
The plain truth, there's no substitute
But sometimes she bares the disguise (yes you do)
A story teller kills(?) with life not hope
Girl, if we got along better we'd be dope

And that's the sound that a dog will make when he's just been hit by a car
And that's the tone that hits close to home, when the cocaine outlives the star
And that's the noise that disrupts the boys when the cue ball smacks it goal(?)
And these are the words that disturb your earth when I walk away with your hope