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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Headshots: Se7en Disc 1
Song:   Deer Wolf
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(7 summers old lovely like I told...)

I know a lotta people but not many that I trust
and outta those I trust not many I would touch
they say I talk in circles but I write it line by line
and if I don't really know you I'ma lie and say I'm fine
and I spit rhymes hoping that someone who thinks like me
related to the emotions interlocked within the phyche
spit rhymes to catch chicks to catch hope
to catch that ear of the kid who says 'damn that shit is dope' (damn that shit is dope)
not to mention I love the attention
went from hidin in the boxcars to drivin the engine
and I sit in the same chair under the same light
round the same time a night when I write
probably will for life
25 and I ain't gettin any younger
living to survive can you spare a penny brother?
Now in the name of all world wide rhyme sayers
I'ma drive pass ? park and spray the soccer players

how many licks does it take to get to the center of your universe? (4X)
(let thy moon arise while I close my eyes...)

Finally finalize the line by line of tryin to climb in between your minds thighs
self esteem watch it grow like mold
watch the loads it holds
as the soul unfolds
track my faith as I wade through a pack a day
Have to wait call me back next saturday
pass the steak I'ma about to stick this vampire
touch the heart and lay the carcass on the campfire
burn baby burn and take your cents with ya
if the shoe don't fit ya remove it to lose the business
get the car started warm it up for the journey
wake up abuse and shake of the blues
and make stops to fill the tank stops to urinate
stops to meditate and let the thoughts resonate
stops to celebrate stops just for heavens sake
stops in an attempt to make the bad shit and get it straight
the ashma regualtes the breath control so thanks for the tapes
and eat your vegetables and yo I write it for me and if you like it that's love
and if you don't that's life cause life don't like slug


its the super unleaded imbedded within my head trips
kept it in check with the skeptics and the essense when it
festers infection fills with fluid
apply the pressure it burts to satisfy the thirst
20/20 sight so I got no excuse my soul is broken lose from over use
tell me who can hold the noose while I make certain it fits me
judgement first impresstion naturally shifty
each one tried to teach one when it begun
struggling for freedom tryin to build a kingdom
now your sippin Segrums tryin to fix a threesome
between you your girl and that freak with the nissan
wheels keep spinning accelerator sticks
so sugar up the coffee and celophane your dick
and lace the spliff and make sure that dosage is right
cause lifes a bitch (lifes a bitch) and I'ma hold it tight