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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Headshots: Se7en
Song:   Swept Away
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With the sweepin
it's the look on her face, that's got me displaced
plus the fact that she's probably got no clue I'm peepin
she's deep into routine
cleanin off the sidewalk
infront of the shop she works
1:15 am, me parked in the car
on the street, maybe 30 feet from the spot she sweeps
emotions achin', who is this human?
and whys she chewin my attention
the action, unaware, innocent, purely accident
and whom I askin this?
I'm alone, in the passenger seat of this [this part is bleeped out]
awaitin' my companion, but damn man, she's got me distracted
and it's not just the fact that she's attractive
it's the whole kit-n-kabootle
from the look on her face, to her taste in shoes, to the way she moves
it inspires me to sit and doodle, so
while I write
she wipes down the tagged up picnic tables outside of the [bleeped out]
it's missin not a spot
and here I sit again, with a pen
and a desire to be entirely lost in a world of them ..

(spoken) "what do you mean you just wanna be friends.."