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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Headshots: Se7en
Song:   A Tall Seven and Seven
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Yo can I get a Seven and Seven over here?
Yo can I get a Cranberry Citron?   
A tall one?
No, no, lemme get a Newcastle, a Newcastle

Yo homie
Had I known
That you'd a grown
Into a full-blown example of how to act like an asshole
I never would have introduced you to booze and skipping school
'Cause right now I feel responsible to find an answer

Yo, yo, back in junior high when you and I started getting high
Life was just a joke, we was too young to know the punch-line
And you would sooner die then realize you're running out of time
Who's to decide there's no more recess after lunch-time
Bam, here you am, intoxicated again

Yo, how you doin' man?
Yeah it's good to see you

Bam, here you am, intoxicated again
He used to be my man, understand?
I believe you've slightly exceeded (slight exceeded)
How many of them drinks that you think you need when
You're trying to boost the bonus points and reinforce your voice
But I'm not trying to walk within your obnoxiousness (hell naw)
We used to be friends back in the day when you had direction
But that was before your brain felt that infection
And I ain't claiming innocence 
I was right there with you then
I'm just sayin'
While we was waiting to move up, some of us grew up
We all knew what the difference between wrong and right was
Sometimes the line blurred, when we was influenced by a light buzz
But from what I see, you've established the persona 
Basis, built from foundation, for emulating the genre, drama
Without taking a moment to ponder, the trail of karma that you've weaved
Through the field that you've wandered
No longer am I shocked by the things you do
I'm just confused as to why it's gotta be me to confront you
I guess nobody else gives a damn 
So I gotta go for self, 'cause I'm a man
And you can take it as concern
Or you can see it as your ego getting burned
Either way, tonight yo, one of us is gonna learn
And I guess nobody else gives a damn
But see I do
Because you used to be my man, understand?
And even if it means you beat me down to the cement
It's all love, I need to see you stick around until the end

Bam, intoxicated again (right?)
Bam, intoxicated again ('cause I'm a man, understand?)