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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Strictly Leakage
Song:   Domestic Dog
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Hahaha, yo did you see that?
Yo she pushed her cart right into that Escalade

Women at the bar want to be a star
Stop her on the street, she thinks you a freak
It's illegal to flirt when we at work
So nowadays I score at the grocery store

[Verse 1]
You are what you eat, no pretending to be
So I push my cart like an extension of me
Bump, bump, nope I can't fund
I'm the one that's probably gonna hit your cart more than once
Like "Excuse me, sorry, I didn't see you there
Yeah, I didn't see you there, with your pretty hair
In the condom isle, with your awesome smile
Tomorrow we should watch Lost, hang out a while"
She's got cheese, can't tell if it's cheddar
But you did see the way she held them bell peppers
Clean enough to put soymilk in the potbelly
Skank enough to buy sushi from the hot deli
It's ok though, butter and mangos
Down at the cold isle, organic tomatoes
Even the chain stores attract angels
Old food, safe way, traitor jokes, rainbow
Nipples erect in the ice-cream section
Steam up the glass and steal my breath
And you know damn well I'ma bring the dick
Call me the Kool-Aid man and sing my shit (oh yeah)


Yeah, yeah
Actually I would like a few samples
Thank you


[Verse 2]
Yeah, yeah, we've all heard the old phrase
Felt like the start of a mid-eighties porn tape
Both of us reach for the last box of corn flakes
Headphones kickin, she was listening to Ghostface
Nah baby, go ahead and cop them shits
I'll just settle for a box of kicks
Turned off the iPod to talk
I don't know what she said, I was watching her lips
Pressing P interrupted by the culprit
She had no idea that I was shopping with a full clip
So many bullets, she should have been insulted
But she didn't, that's all that matters isn't it? No bullshit
Flow and swerve through my chosen words
Miss pumpin power to open hers
Yeeeah I be chilling by the frozen deserts
And if this don't work, I'm going to church


Nah, nah, nah, paper, paper
Nah for real put it in the paper bag
With handles, handles!

[Hook with different last line]
So nowadays I score at the gro-gro-gro


Uh, excuse me
What? Yeah what's your? Sarah, yeah Sarah
Could you do me a favour and uh, could you put the eggs on top?