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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Strictly Leakage
Song:   Jewelry
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[Verse 1]
I never really understood a man's jewellery
You soon to see me on some Karaoke super freak
With a peace sign sweater and some Hammer pants
Windows up, smoking weed in the ambulance
Hopped out, 1988 battle stance
Neighbourhood started to dance and made it avalanche
Nobody got hurt, just lots of dirt
Did the Michael Jackson kick and took off my shirt
Broken wings coming out of my shoulder blades
Poker face, hitting switches on my roller-skates
Making soup out of Couscous and Froot Loops
Moon walking down the block rocking some moon boots
They don't know my name, I'm not that guy
But they point and smile because I'm that fly
Any day I get to stay way from bloodshed
Becomes another night I get to ride into the sunset
Traded in a horse for a bike
So wave if you happen to see me on the South Side
With a boom box strapped to my handle bars
Zoom homie, take a bath in some caviar
Getting drunk in the woods smoking a ci-gar
Sitting on the hood of your car playing the gui-tar
Face painted up to look like a circus clown
Lookin around like everything's perfect now
Match strike and light them candles
Hold onto it, grab tight, a hand full
You might be right, we might be assholes, shit
We from the land of the ice-cream castles
I never could fake respect
What's it gonna take to make all them dots connect
I must be old cause you look like a fool to me
I never really understood a man's jewellery

[De La Soul sample]
"But you gots to keep it for real, forget about your jewels and..."