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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Strictly Leakage
Song:   Get it to Get Her
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And then he asked me if he could bring her over to my house
And I'm like "What, are you going to fuck her in my den?"

Get it to get her {*X4*}

[Verse 1]
Playboy ain't got his own place
His mom and his sister are both his roommates
Where you gonna bring a lady friend?
You gonna get her pregnant in your basement?
You wanna explore her body
But mommy might come down and do the laundry
Can't put your girl on all fours
When your sister's room is one floor above yours
You not in school, you not employed
Fulltime, full grown momma's boy
You ain't making no choice
When you ain't even worth your own weight in coins
Then she gon laugh her ass off
And this time it ain't cause you took your pants off
No struggle, still like snapshot
Low hustle waiting on jackpot
Do the grind like you do the time
Nice shoes on her mind and whips so fine and
Y'all won't find no losers climbing
Up in her, up in her

We don't work, we don't need ta
We don't work, we don't need ta get it to get her!
Get it to get her {*X4*}

[Verse 2]
A man is only as good as the woman
Now take a look at the one's you know then
Think about who you wish was wifey
And what you doin to make the fish bite
You better have a pay check
It's like another kind of safe sex
The ethics connected to your favourite toy
Don't nobody wanna mate with a lazy boy
Motivation to keep it live
If you want a real queen bee for that hive
And even if you got cash, it doesn't mean you get a pass
...Trash, trash, trash
I don't know what they told you, what show they showed you
But things are tough all over
Debts, bill collectors, threats, whatever
Check, check, still better than ever
Home is home even when its bill grown
Now quit rappin and go get a real job
Ain't no girl deservin to be wife
Gonna wanna complete your worthless life