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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Strictly Leakage
Song:   What They Sitting For?
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[Verse 1]
Messing with the big Texas Hold 'Em
Fools think I'm rich now, I'm always on the road and
I no longer play this as much, think I lost touch
What's the buy in? I'm bout to choke up
When it comes to getting in a tournament
I play safe cause I'm still kind of learning it
Looking for a little help from the cards that are dealt, uh
Pocket nine on the felt, well...
Which of y'all want to call the big blind?
Short stack to the left, all in, fine
One more stayed in trynna re-raise
But I played requests like DJ
Fool you can splash chips, act big
Swig that beer but don't forget me over here, yeah
Keep my chips stacked up like a high rise
Drinking water cause I gotta keep my mind dry
I know you got face cards, so I'ma play hard
And avoid the late charge
Nine double Jack at the flop
C'mon, Jake needs brand new games for his Xbox
Fool, you can't even fuck with me
You're the first to bet in that the turn becomes a queen
And I seen that excitement scene
When the bitch laid down, yep, you got a king ten
Now I'm feeling like a winner
Flocks of birds don't even need to see the river
You want to go all in too?
No problem, I called them, your chips is falling duke
Full house when I pulled out my nines
Turn a high rise into a skyline
Damn guy, your stack came down in a landslide
Yeah I'll pay for your cab ride