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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Leak at Will
Song:   Mother's Day
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She lost one to pneumonia, gave the other to prison
and now she spends mother's day sitting in her kitchen
Looking at the pictures of her past felt surreal
She had a couple of people, some friends that helped her heal
But days like today, she doesn't want to be a bother
and as far as she's concerned, them boys didn't have a father
Nuh uh, she had to teach 'em the ways
Teach 'em how to behave, be brave and even how to shave
Some days it makes her feel like a soldier
and other times it makes her feel like a failure
Why did the stronger one die from a cold, huh?
Why did the smarter one end up in jail? Nah
She gave them boys everything that she could
Two full-time jobs to keep 'em in a good neighborhood
They understood how to love and how to live
Now she doesn't understand how it comes down to this
Maybe she should go work in her yard
and take her mind off the past and try to let the days start
But she's waiting on one of those annual calls
while she's looking at the photos on her hallway walls

His big sibling died, and mom's by herself
and now he spends every day inside of that cell
Looking at the photos of his past makes him crash
So he never takes 'em out that folder under his mattress
Days like today he doesn't think about what happened, no
Still gotta call mommy, wish her a happy one
Uh huh, mom, if only she'd had been around
Maybe big brother would still be living now
Some days it makes him feel like a traitor
and other times it makes him feel like a martyr
Seems like some displacement of anger
Seems like he blames her more than his father
She was gone all the time at work
Never around to play the part of the police or the nurse
She understood how things fall apart
So why'd she let the nest hit the ground this hard?
Well maybe he should go walk in the yard
and take his mind off the past and try to let the days start
Cause it's so difficult to admit it's his fault
when he's looking at the faces in his hallway walls