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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Overcast
Song:   Complications
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Spoken: Yo this is dedicated, to this girl that I dated
Complicated maze, Complicated maze

[Verse 1]
At first sighting, only a stranger to my eyes, couldn't keep them off me
I'm sure your friend recognized, I didn't care, I had to stare, stood there at attention
Not many words mentioned still I felt the thought connection, wanted to sex then
Got to know you wanted more, Things got complex when
You had a man and wasn't sure
My thoughts were pure, Is it gonna be him? Or is gonna be me?
Cause that's the way I have to have it
Grasped the idea, Ms scribble head Talia
Wanted you to feature but your man is screwing up the procedure
What is it that you say? I'm on your mind all day
But still say you're content, how the situation lay
Why you play? Why do you stay? There's something better
Know you felt it when you received my first poetic letter
Why you fronting? Tell me something
Is it that you want your cake and stuff it down your face too?
Did I have to chase you?
Why oh why do you cry?
Instead of afraid of losing me I think that you're confusing me a lot
No wait a minute stop, bring that back I missed a page
Was it that time of the month or were you going through a phase?

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
Complicated maze. This crazed bitch is perfect
Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain
You're always changing. Never stay the same person
Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain

[Verse 2]
Miss Merry weather, the partial, the martial artist of fake imitation love products
Now facing you is irritation
Know you used to have me placing you on pedestals like a goddess
Personality changes it seemed to me you were the oddest
Soon to depart us like red seas by Moses
Our friendship's diseased, unfeasible, hopeless
No reasonable answers to my question of focus, Caused my tension
Nothing made sense when you replied with a tied tongue
Said you feared abusiveness, I never swung
Why all these excuses miss? What have I done?
Figured I had the right kind of lady, yeah maybe it was fun, for you
But not for me, I found it quite unamusing
You were using me as a bridge just to pass what was left behind
Play times for dangerous minds, but why'd it have to be mine?
Why'd it have to be mine?

[Slug - speaking]
Now I'm not really trying to come of abrasive
but why you messing with my mans head?
I mean I'm spending time trying to keep his mind on rhymes and beats
and you're a distraction. I mean you got my man just shook
I mean honestly I guess what I'm trying to say is...


Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn
(*Slug speaking*  'Why are you doing this? See you're too old to be playing games')
And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm

Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn
(*Slug speaking*  'you wanna come back?')
And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm

[Verse 3]
Do you know what today is?
It's the third anniversary, you came back to flirt with me
For certain, you must mistake me for a fool
See I know how you are, I see those tricks in you
Tried to make amends, there's something new
Had problems with your friend, so it's me you always run to
Come to, and smell the coffee, go drink the pot with extra caffeine
Cause next to acting you win awards for cloudy vision
Tired of vision for the what, why and when
Will this repetition end, step away and give me oxygen
Not interested in talking, say nothing keep walking go bout your away
See the colors of these areas have started turning gray
See you later goodnight, got no more candles to light
Yo its time to move along cause baby something isn't right
Still I'm glad I met you, its too bad you screwed it up
The only thing I regret is that I didn't get to (fuck)


{*spoken till finish: 'I was blind and now I see'*}