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Artist: Atmosphere f/ Felipe Cuauhtli, Mr. Gene Poole, Prof
Album:  Minnesota Nice (Single)
Song:   Minnesota Nice
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[Chorus: Prof] + (Slug)
(I don't wanna be)
I service you with a smirk (A smirk, I don't wanna be)
Shoo you away like a fly (Shoo fly, I don't wanna be)
You may be bad, but IÕm worse (I'm so worse, I don't wanna be)
They call me Minnesota Nice (I don't wanna be)

IÕm staying fresh to death motherfucker, check the kicks
Pimping 101 holmes, what the lesson is
Man you're real ugly, and she's worse
Who wants to volunteer to leave? Me first
Smelling like a platypus, feeling like a hippo
See the girls scream soon as I step out the limo
And just because we share the same mic don't mean you nice either
Really, any shirt can be a wife beater
There go Prof flexing on 'em again
Follow a couple gorgeous women and I holler 'em in
Haul 'em, take 'em to the dollar store to ball with their friends
She'll be calling again, you can call it a win
Yeah, all I do is do it, flossing in my Buick
Prof get the club buck like, ole do it
I grab a couple of bars, I'm leaving with the fist-full
Everybody all together now, blow the whistle

[Mr. Gene Poole]
It's official, I've been made aware of the ratio
Now all I care about is gears and felatio
The soul of a manÕs career on your Casio
Control your battle drones and fly you off the patio
Everybody wants money off the microphone
So they can just call me and drop a viper on some chrome
But I'm the classiest beast of the trashiest
My plan is to exist in the streets of Minneapolis
And I'm the catalyst of world class lyricism
Be glad your chick is blasting this in her system
She loves that rock-hard rhythm presentation
Falling rap stars used to crash in her basement
This year's the flash-dated six point five
Head shots appear, we making this joint live
in effect once again my man
Now show some respect and shake a gentleman's hand

[Felipe Cuauhtli]
Ahhh, I'm like a breath of fresh air
Sexy motherfucker with that long-ass hair
Haha, I didn't mean to be tasteless
Just thought I'd take a second to explain my greatness
I'm an example of how to step your game up
Aim up when I'm out hunting you lame ducks
Ride through my hood entertaining your sister
Bass bumping old school, solo pair of KicKers
I'm tryna to tell it like it T-I-is
I hope you catching on, what you know bout this?
Huh, I'm so bad, like a single parent mommy
with her hair all did, but her kids is looking sloppy
You can't stop me, broke the breaks on the Chevy
Moving fast, tryna catch the homie Sep Sevy
It's getting heavy, hit the gym to get my weight up
It's bigger than your block homeboy, so throw your state up

Came up the hard way and put my name up
Now why would anybody wanna hate Slug?
Straight up, your fake heart pumps snake blood
Fuck you and the space you take up
My eyes are red cause of life and death
I'll put my feet up on the table where they slice the bread
Boast and brag till my toe gets tagged
Old man swag with a grocery bag
I go one for the road, two for the encore
Couple more make you feel like you holding down floor
You ain't a whore cause they make money
You just a bum with somebody's DNA on your tummy
Ask your peers bout Atmosphere
Went to hell and got a souvenir rap career
Now I walk into the place with the grace of a John Deere
and then your face got weird