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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Sad Clown Bad Spring 12
Song:   Less One
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[Chorus] {X2}
Less one, just might lose breath
Read me, my right's I've left
Less one, just might lose breath

[Verse 1]
A routine stop, that's what he called it
Registration, glovebox, license, wallet
There's blood on the drivers face and neck
So his police senses suspects it's a domestic 
The girl looked like she took one to the eye
with his hand on the gun he says 'drop the keys outside'
Naturally the gentlemen asked them 'Why?'
Now the gun's coming out the holster, that's his reply
Passenger seat starts to scream 
like she ain't ever seen the same thing on the TV screen
'Mam - shut your motherfucking mouth
And sir - may I suggest that you unbuckle and get out'
Door opens, left leg touched down 
Within a split second upper torso was on the ground
Like god damn, you could've snapped his spine
Pigs knee to the back, hog-tied by the swine
Girlfriend's tryna hold back tears
And the driver's on the concrete yelling and swearing
Officer got a little bit lost in the zone
It all took him back to childhood, home sweet home

[Chorus] {X2}

[Verse 2]
Doesn't understand the reasoning for being lenient
And won't give you the chance for anything but obediance
He got that from his drunk old man
Heavy-fisted bag of piss used to throw those hands
That's why he never goes easy on kids
He's got his own kids now, he knows exactly how it is
Now last week he caught his son smoking speed
So if you meet you might catch a couple broken teeth
Sometimes it can get so intense
Profiling the type that likes to put dick up in his princess
It used to be hippy's, then it was black dudes
Now she only fools around with loosers, with tattoos
Well fuck em all, get on the ground dirt ball
And sing hymns for the sins that protect and serve ya'll
Peace disturbed, eat that curve
Or you're looking down the barrel of steel made of nerves
Puts his life into his work and work back into life
so wife thinks he's a jerk
Ain't no tellin what them boots might do
if she leaves him for someone that looks like you