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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  The Fun EP (Happy Clown Bad Dub 8)
Song:   Horny Ponycorn Horns
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I seen it all from the best to the worst, a pulse and nurse
You're just a tall Smurf (Ha!)
Picture on the wall and they calling me the perp (Who?)
Cause Sean was never the one to swallow his verse
Fools want to step, man, put your health first
Only thing you gonna wreck is your self-worth
You might as well of pulled up the self-serve
That ain't beef, that's just hamburger helper
Tell her, that the circus is coming better purchase your tickets cause
I heard a little something and whoa, child! 
And we happy as fuck, not Daddy Warbucks, just Daffy Ducking it 
Ant's caddy like WHAT 
Sleep through sleep knocking ?demon? and some BMW backseats 
Sleeping through my dreams of fucking you
So here goes everything at once 
Turn thirty-something still haven't learned how to roll a blunt
But I show how you to smoke out of a soda can
I'll hold it over your head 'till you overstand.. up!
Pull your pants up, you don't love me, you only let me fuck cause your man sucks
Beers gettin' warm, but I'm here to perform
To anyone who's horny we're going to give them the horns, go...

They call me Slug, I resemble my brother
The lumberjack in the back eating pancakes with peanut butter
Can't wait until we be discovered (Uh-huh!)
I want a fanbase full of jealous husbands and ex-lovers
They make war, make up, make love, listening to my neurosis and Anthony's trump kit 
Having fun like it's a ?pasic? trip
Take a ? to the ? and suck on my ?sack of rine?
Start the engine move the piston
I'm just a magician dressed as a musician
Tried to free the world and feed your girl
And eat this Euro and please don't hurl 
These Raggedy Andy rappers caught that fancy fever, now they're softer
and sweeter than cotton candy
Rocking candies beneath that sweatsuit
Stop the fantasy, here comes the guest, who?
Yup, that's right, came and check that mic
Let the rest go fight, cause your dress is so tight
If it's fresh they bite, but if it's dope they swallow 
And I'll be DAMNED if I don't give you a mouthful
She thinks I'm fly I think she's warm (Uh-huh)
And you know the norm Mandy pour in the ?
So I told her I was from that band called Korn
Took her to the roof and put her hand on my horn like...

Mr. Dibbs, he plays his horn (Alright)
Brother Ali, he plays his horn
I Self Divine (Yeah), he plays a horn 
Dillinger Four, they play that horn (Uh-huh)
Murs and Blueprint, they play their horn (Yeah)
Crescent Moon, he plays his horn (Right)
"Lift Her Pull Her", they played the horn 
Eyedea and Abilities, they play their horn (What?)
Los Nativos, they play the horn (Uh-huh)
Luckyiam, he plays his horn (Alright)
P.O.S., he plays his horn (Yeah!)
Gladys Knight & the Pips, they play the horn (Yeah!)
MF Doom, he plays his horn (Alright)
Soul ?, she plays the horn (Alright!)
To my man Musab, he plays the horn (Alright!)
Rhyyyyyyyyymesaaaaayers!!! (Come on, come on, everybody sing along!)
...One, two, three, we outta here! Peanuts for sale! Come get your peanuts!

"I didn't get the part where the wine bottle rolled down from the top of the balcony.."
"When you say 'Go out' I don't, you know, I thought you meant something--"
"That's okay, we-we gotta fade it.." (*"We gotta fade it" Loops over and starts to slow down*)