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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  The Fun EP: Happy Clown Bad Dub 8
Song:   You Make Me Wanna
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Rock the house

"You make me wanna die"

He said it like he meant it
Story over no more
hopin to prevent it

"You make me wanna live"

She said that with a straight face
And she placed keep sakes
Inside her suitcase

"Everything you say is a lie"

He said that with a smirk
Fully aware that it'll hurt
When it hits the nerve

"You've never heard a word I've said"

She responded
But he heard that
And remembered it forever like a promise

Now here we are, wearing hatred on our masks
Let's carry on, put all your eggs inside that basket

Swing it round, until that wooden handle snaps
Sort 'em all out and only keep the ones that cracked

"You make me wanna die"

That's why I trust you
That's so I can look you in the eye and say I love you

(Background voice chanting)
Set us free

I want to live
I want to die

I've never seen a sun decide to set so abrupt
As it does when the gun inside of you wakes up

Almost as if it's trying to hide from your tantrums
Head full of hurt, pride, a closet full of phantoms

Never seen the sun shine quite so loud
As it does when that little girl makes herself proud

Almost as if it wants to come play a part
In those moments when your heart ain't afraid of the dark

But sometimes I swear you make the sun confused
It wants to rise but it over-analyzes what to do

It cries more than you, when the storms come knockin
tries to hide it's face, just avoid watchin

I would ride by and wave, but there aint no parade
So I'ma stay and wait for the day the sun goes away

(Background voice chanting)
Set us free

I want to live
I want to die

What is it about women that brings out my venom
Thought it was a peach, it tasted like a lemon

I ate it anyway, can't help it's my natural
From one extreme to another, no room for practical

Just act casual maybe they won't notice
Or fall off the planet so you can escape the focus

Break the dirt; bury me down when I'm broken
Or let the under-current carry me out to the ocean

Can't swim as good as I could as a child
But as a kid, I never swam just stood there and smiled

Even though the idea of drownin in you
Seems kinda like it might be the wrong thing to do

You gotta take a look at you and I, the clown and the fool
Love can make suicide sound so cool

(Background voice chanting)
Set us free

I want to live
I want to die

Let's watch the sun disappear into the water
Let's watch these people, and point at the imposters

Let's lay it on the line, let's travel across it
Let's live forever no matter what it costs us

Claustrophobic, lots of down talk
Toss clothes in and turn it off
Easily lost in moments

Forgot the motives, sun almost exploded
Lookin for proof, who would've knew, toy gun was loaded

Go ahead and throw it out into the waves
Say goodbye to yesterday and try to fly the stress away

Took it from the sky and looked it straight into the eye
Silence, trying to read between the snore and the sigh

There's a reason that they say that they can't take it with 'em
I'm your leavin cuz of love, it really isn't livin