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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs
Song:   Americareful
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Hey man what's happening?
I ain't seen you in a while
Cheeba, cheeba
How you been? How you been?
What's the matter, you sick?
Don't come near me man
Cheeba, cheeba
Alright I'll see you later

Tommy doesn't got no money for the doctor
But Tommy got sick, Tommy needs a shot or
Maybe Tommy got shot and needs a lot more
Thank mommy Tommy's problem is not yours
Tommy went to county medical service
It's where you go when you don't have insurance
Budget cuts and they overwork the nurses
You can find more lying/lion than at a circus
Tommy sitting in a hospital waiting room
Pray to God that the doctor will take him soon
Blood pressure on burn cause they stress him out
It's your turn, so in turn they check you now
Wait, first got to fill out the paperwork
I know you're hurt but the bill's gonna make it worse
Healthcare costs more than a small plane
Good thing Paul had the brain to use a false name

[Chorus: 2X]
God bless the nation, obligation
Altercation, interest of conflict
Population, lost your patience
Confirmation, symptoms of a hostage

Katy went and got a baby in her stomach
She didn't mean to, she was only fucking
It ain't like she isn't old enough to cut it as a mother
Doesn't matter though, it's not in the budget
Now she got to make a visit to the clinic
She can't remember ever feeling this timid
She gonna front and act like it isn't hard
Vacuum, boom, put it on her debit card
Sitting in the waiting room, it's a full house
A lot of a presidents that didn't pull their troops out
If you're gonna special op with the bad boys
Going in unprotected is a bad choice
It's your decision to correct a poor decision
Alert the stalk to stop, abort the mission
Forced in a more horrible position
when the doc got shot on the way into the building

[Chorus: 4X]

Cheeba, cheeba
Cheeba, cheeba