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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs
Song:   The Best Day
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I had a rough day, but that's life, it happens
Woke up on a dark side of my mattress
I guess I forgot to set my clock
Overslept, almost lost the job
Then to top it off, I'm kinda hungry
But can't eat till I find my money
It's in my wallet but my wallet ain't in my pocket
Can't remember the last time I saw it
And they don't want me in a bad mood
Afraid that it'll spread and everyone will catch an attitude
They got 'em all singing the same tone
Thinking I should go and start a fire in the break room
Co-workers make me sick
and the manager really ain't shit
But I can't quit, so I'm hiding in the basement
Holding onto to my face like fuck this place

[Chorus: 2X]
Every day can't be the best day
Do what you can right now, don't hesitate
That's why we try to make love and get paid
Take the bad with the good, now let's play

Hell naw, I ain't going to school
The teacher's a jerk, he must think I'm a fool
and all the kids mess with each other always all day
Class warfare up and down the hallways
And if you ain't popular
Nobody talks to ya, unless they mocking ya
Not even bus driver or the hall monitor
I might as well climb inside my locker huh
It's a bad day, bad week and a bad month
Don't nobody want to trade with my bag lunch
Someday I'ma be so cool
But for now I got cheap shoes, so I keep losing
Girls give no love to a poor man
It's a prison, the clock is warden
Man it won't get no better when I get home
So I listen to the voice in my headphones

[Chorus: 2X]

Can't dance with an upset stomach
The overdraft notices just kept coming
Somebody broke into the porch and stole a chair
Top of your head stopped growing hair
Broken glass, computer crashed
The car won't start and the tires went flat
Dog got loose, brought back a dead cat
Daughter found it and had a panic attack
Plus you ain't had sex in how long?
Afraid to admit that the fire's all gone
The better half is talking about separate
You wish you could take it back to yesterday
You not alone, it's hard as hell
But don't waste no time feeling sorry for self
We'll be right here with you through your war
Cause you're the one that we make this music for
Now turn it up

[Chorus: 2X]