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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  When Life Give You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Song:   Can't Break
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He wanted to make a difference, be understood right?
Wanted to go the distance, wanted to live that good life
Put some work on that wood, jumped and took flight
Left his hand writing in that book, what that look like?
Happy mess is the reach, touch and manifest it
Caught between respect your momma and them battle weapons
Lost your adolescence at them intersections
Spread them wings and you're gonna need some landing lessons
The sun is going to burn them feathers
Lost track of time trying to ride the bender
Used to have an agenda but really why remember?
Doesn't matter when your head's in a bottle somewhere in Tribeca
Or maybe you sedated up in Silver Lake
Cheating fate, first rate, feeling great
Trying to turn a first date into a friendly game of kill the snake
Can't wait to get her face against a pillow case

[Bridge 1]
Progress that came with a cost
Rejoice for the rain that will wash
Multiple choice, you can stay on that cross
Or grab it by the arms and break them off

The wheels are stopped, done, so let me off
Deal the cards but already lost
Kill me now just to get applause
Steal the shot, run, and set it off
I feel and I fear and I want and I can't break away
I feel and I fear and I want and I can't break away

If they buy it for you, how you not going to drink it?
If they fry it for you, how you not going to eat it?
If they throw it to you, how you not going to hold it?
Touch it taste it love it and fuck with it a moment?
Every city's the same scene, gangrene
Vampire's looking at your veins, fangs craving
Interchangeable hair, similar name jeans
Faux-made take charge and late start playthings
It ain't harder to tell
They rebel to celebrate the day their martyr had fell
Now meet him at the bar 'cause it's part of the sell
Felt at peace, leaving pieces of his heart at hotels

[Bridge 2]
Stepped in with his next new best friend
On the bed's edge loading up on the weapon
Trying to win big all bets in
Now pull the bedspread back and pop that essence