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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  When Life Give You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
Song:   Your Glasshouse
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Woke up to that familiar feeling
Staring at a unfamiliar ceiling
Still got your jeans on but you're topless
Headache and the stomach feels nauseous
Grab your shirt off the bedroom floor
And try to recollect the night before
How'd you get from the bar to this mattress?
And when you got here then what happened?
And where's the who that lives here
In this house wanna figure out how'd you get here
But the though got cut by nature
Find the bathroom, the gut got anger
Here it comes can't avoid it
Ain't the first time throwing up in this strange toilet
Anyone else would leave
But you you crawled back to the bed and fell back asleep

[Chorus x2]
All we need is because come and party with us
Take care of you when you're passed out
Right there with you in your glass house

Woke up all alone with no friends
But you had to throw up again
Choke up the tears and the spit
Grab some tissue to wipe off your lips
And everything still spins
And then the chills begin
And then the "God please kill me right now" hits
And you still don't know who's house this is
In between left over dry-heaves
You're trying to check out your time piece
And you should call your job
But first got to turn this hangover off
You dream that it's just a dream
Until the phone in your pocket starts to scream
Shut it down, don't wanna hear a sound
Heavy as the head that wears that crown, now

[Chorus x2]

Hangover ain't a strong enough word
It don't describe what just occurred
Looking at a phone full of missed calls
Probably all the people that you pissed off
Everything seems so sour
So you forced yourself into the shower
Standing up brings out the stars
And the whole bathroom smells just like a dive bar
Can't do it, better sit
And let the tub be the catcher's mitt
Lay down, face down
Thank god whoever lives here ain't around
Now what you need is silence
And you don't want no one to see you like this
Maybe you don't recognize it
But this is your home, this is where your life lives

[Chorus x2]