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Artist: Atmosphere  
Album:  When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold
Song:   Guarantees
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These warehouse wages kill ends introduction man
I shoulda schooled it up when I was younger
shoulda stuck to plan
always had the dreams of being more self assertive
and my kid's a teenager now
he needs the health insurance
so break my body break break my soul down
just another zombie walkin' blindly
through your ghost town
pull up to the bar politic and tap the power
ain't nobody really all that jolly at your happy hour
but I don't wanna go home yet
so I'ma talk to my cigarette and that television set
it doesn't matter what brand or station
anything to take away from the current situation
no overtime pay no holiday
months behind on everything but the lottery
winter 'round the corner guarnteeing that my car dies
wifey havin' trouble tryin' to juggle both part times
my cup ain't close to filled up
we tryinto build up so we can have enough
and when I finally get the color
won't be nothin' left to paint on
a friend of mine tried to kill himself to the same song

my better half is mad
at makin' magic outta canned goods
my tax bracket status got her questionin' my manhood
my shorty got cought smokin weed at a concert
and if I smack him everyboy treats me like a monster
my neighbors aint doing much better
and we make it competition instead of stickin' together
can't save no nest egg
in fact this nest is rented in fact that rent is late
wait the money ain't here the raise ain't commin'
just me and my son and that crazy woman
and those bartenders this whole fucking country
got everybody swallowin' that lunchmeat
well maybe we can speed up the process
kill me in my thirties in the name of progress
put me in the dirt and then change the topic
sometimes seems like the only way to stop it
contemplate my departure date
doesn't take alot to get alot of us to talk this way
take a shot at me that's all i'm obligated for
apparently my only guarantee is a walk away

the only guarantee in life is life worth dying for
cause' death don't wait for no one
he's sittin on your front door