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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold
Song:   Me
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Yeah, the child in the mirror was homely
So he learned early on how to switch into low-key
Little person, observant and accurate
Grew the skills to argue and the passion to back it with
Kick over the blocks just to rebuild them
'Cause mom and pop used to pop, sound familiar?
Daddy had to leave, but Mama kept hurting
So we stepped up to help be an anger and a burden
And right around the same time
Started noticing girls, but they wouldn't pay him any mind
And if they ever did, he got nervous
You should of seen him practice on his hand for his first kiss
Even though he was too young to hunt and gather
Hungry puppy had to learn how to front and swagger
It didn't matter, it was all self-esteem
At 16, you only needed one on your team
And mom and dad was never getting back together
So he was on some "Baby, we gonna make it last forever"
Basically married right out of high school
Five years of getting high and fighting at a drive-thru
And when he hit 21, they made a son
But on his 22nd birthday, the relationship was done
Now he's got a best friend instead of a wife
But he feels like he stole the best years of her life
After that, it was one co-dependant to the next
A lot of love, a lot of hate and a little bit of great sex
Self-learning in between the self-loathing
Strangled in a cycle, can't feel yourself choking
Some of them would overlap, some of them would double-back
None of them deserved to be exposed to all the trouble that he posed
Strike one? Not even out of fear
He don't even do rough sex, you bite him and he's out of here
Make no mistake he puts the man in manipulate
And he's attracted to the women that reciprocate
Y'all can kick karma 'till it's getting late
Until Mama's little drama is the topic of the big debate
And now a days the confidence is off the page
'Cause women are attracted to that clown on the stage
He's only in town for a handful of hours
But Repunzel want to come down and dance in the flowers
Want to make a smile? want to make a laugh?
Want to make up for the mistakes in the past?
Want to act like he doesn't know better
If payback's a bitch he'll be in debt forever
Insecure, impatient
Temporary gratification, self-validation
That's what its made of it's all true
And it's the only reason that he's even talking to you

[Chorus x2]
You can try to fix my broken wings
You can know all the words to the songs I sing
But you don't need to know what's wrong with me
Unless you think you're gonna come home with me

[Chorus x2]