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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  Sad Clown Bad Winter 11
Song:   They All Get Mad at You
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[Verse 1]
Once upon a time there was a concept
Someday we can all escape the nonsense
Work hard, let the rewards connect and
Maybe we can sweep up all the trash off them front steps
Silly man, he believed in that ethic
Seeds planted, the needle to the record
It's in the plans that he set out to perfect
But every few steps was a feast with a message
Boost these up for them have-nots
Let's separate the players and the mascots
Little bit of success is a backdrop
And you kind of look like a jackpot
Give me what you got or get got
Ain't no getting off at the next stop
Don't get caught with a wet top
I thought the best shop was the best spot
I guess not

[Chorus] {X2}
They all get mad at you, so see-through
Not much they had to do but read through
Turn off that attitude, they need you
No time to act a fool, just be cool

[Verse 2]
Now keep your defence up right
No choice but to be tense, uptight
Not one type and the other just might
Throw shots at your body, character even love life
But why they got to turn your meals in?
Try and not to hurt them feelings
But burnt pride or burn that ceiling
In between the search and the curse of the dreams man
Girl, look at how they stare at ya
Pass judgement, together they're chapters
Come back a year after, they're happily ever after
And I wonder what the world will look like from their ladder
And now you had it up to right there
Hey mama, put the kid back in the high chair
Act like you care that life ain't fair
Nah, let 'em finish up their nightmare

[Chorus] {X2}

[Verse 3]
Open up them cracks, you can't overreact
It don't stop but you seem so relaxed
You know they gonna cross over them tracks
But it thoughts like that that keep holding you back
Is that really how it works now?
Is they hurt style ever worthwhile?
Return it with a smirk or a smile
Cause you took yourself off the dirt pile when you had your first child
It's too easy to call it envy
Everybody want to be all they can be
New graffiti make 'em feel so heavy
But they all get friendly when your walls are empty
It's always the same approach
They just want a little thing to hold
You can't save they soul so just chase your goals
Let 'em hate far away or let 'em hate up close, now

[Chorus] {X2}