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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  You Can't Imagine How much Fun We're having
Song:   Get Fly
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[Chorus: repeat 2X]
They want us to fight, but we just want to get high
Work all day, all night, trying to get fly
When I get some money I'mma buy me some time
I can't fight your war until I'm finished with mine

[First Verse]
I used to be mad at the government
Redirected some of my anger towards the mothership
Trying to guess which living hell sleeps under
when the grand scheme plan keeps all these people wonderin
Why we still runnin in place frustrated?
Pride is mistaken for hate, it's upgraded
I got a little breath left, let's suffocate it
Point at the epiphanies and call 'em all drug related
The time I spent with my life on bent
Trying to find the friends inside my head
Must have disengaged every phase and stage
Of of my I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming of age
My unofficial autobio
Will be accompanied with tips on how to smile
'cause I've found that when they don't see you frown
They never know that your a threat
And they don't sweat you when you came around
So who's going to be my next door savior?
Step up to your neighbor, and do me a favour
Take off the mask, let it all collapse
Empty the pack and watch your wings grow back


[Second Verse]
Society becomes jealousy, intimacy becomes intensity
Say it with a smile like it's meant to be
And all of a sudden, "boom", American family
And I can tell when your mad at your past
Because you tend to take the turns just a little too fast
And I can tell how you push your foot on the gas
that you already knew that you was gunna finsish last
Slow it down and take a little time
To look up at them clouds with the fake silver lining
Up in a tree knowing damn well you never reach the top
But you don't stop, you keep climbing
Well okay, it's settled
No more nights in this weed and thorn infested meadow
Uh-uh, from this day forth, only forward I pedal
Get the memo I'm cutting the strings Gepetto
Shuffle the cards and let's argue
Rooted in between the computer games and cartoons
Stop and watch us all get lost
Between God and a shot of scotch, let's get fly