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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
Song:   Musical Chairs
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Do you want a plight?
Well you don't have a choice
Stand up alive
Cause the music hasn't die yet
[Repeat 3X]

Suzy was a psycho, but she looked good
Little ball of fire, light it up and cook wood
She knew the power of what she had to offer
Pieces of a puzzle, personality, and posture
When it's probably done, it seems spun
As long as you're not (???)
Bar fly looking for a fall guy
Taking on all types
From big baller to the small fry
Get what you want out of life
But every night now the same thought arise (babe you got a light?)
Still as lonely as the number one
Cause you only love someone
So you have someone to run from
Run, run, put your back into it Sue
Always wonder what it would be like to try to rap to you
We gotta show Suzy love
Ain't no way anyone's gonna stop before the music does

[Chorus 4X]

Bobby was a genius, and he would prove it
His favorite move is to make you look stupid
He knows the answer, nobody puts their hands up
When he starts talking everybody (shut up)
Bobby didn't have friends, not real ones
Just a bunch of light minded self righteous pilgrims
And they all treated Bob like the big cheese
Knowing damn well they all thought he was a "bitch please"
Blows his own horn, slaps his own bass
While everyone waits for him to fall on his face
And while he's down, someone will take his place
If the suit isn't trump even seven beats an ace
Look at Bobby, he doesn't even know
You're supposed to set a new one after you achieve a goal
Accomplishments are just excuses to talk and spit
When you music stops, who will have a spot to sit?

[Chorus 4X]

Bring me the head of whoever said "play fair"
I want to sit in my chair and wear a blank stare
Fuck being king of the hill
When the music dies you'll be the first one the villagers kill
Walk in circles, dizzy up the movement
Talk in circles, the underground's polluted
Lots of circles, you wonderin' where you fit
Stop the cirlces!

(Over beat boxing)
Oh Oh Oh yea, Oh Oh Oh yea
Well you don't have a choice
Oh Oh Oh yea
Stand up alive
Oh Oh Oh yea
Well you don't have a choice
Stand up...

[Chorus 4X]