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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
Song:   Panic Attack (The P.A.)
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Little momma got a little pill to swallow
A little water to follow it down the tunnel
Gotta lotta walls but the house is hollow
Got a lot of holes, never found the shovel
Panic attack, so what's the plan of attack?
You had to be had.  You cut in half.  You had to react
You battle with your shadow from front to back
Stack up the stats. Handle the math, and that'll be that
Hold your head up.  I know your fed up
But don't let it get up to the top of them steps love
Instead of playin' with the pieces that got messed up
get dressed up, we goin' out to catch the best buzz
Self-medicated, spirit on elevated
Help take the self-made self-hate and celebrate it
And I could tell you hated it when you felt naked
but the poison tastes great, wanna know how the hell they made it?
And if the dizzy don't kill you, the city will
Simply for the thrill of wiping up a sticky spill
Little tricky get busy of a fifty bill
So take the little pill straight to your pretty grill

Here it comes, there it goes again.  Panic attack.  (x8)

So what you drinking?  So what you popping?
So what you eating?  So what you dropping?
So what you smoking?  So what you sniffing?
So how you coping?  So what's the difference?

Contagious, it runs like the paint does
Sedate the sober and over anxious
The pages of pain that make the songs on the playlist
The renegade rain that jumped just to flood the bassment
Look honey everbody needs a help-up buddy
No body's drug-free, the streets would be hella bloody
Do you call yourself a patient of a junky?
The only thing that separates is who takes your money
All smile like we're gonna go buck wild
Order up a shot, prescription filled up now
Pop another (what?) distracted by the rush while
we fight all night about what to name the love child
I'm on that go nuts life that got that gold touch
Fresh fly wild bold what like the cold crush
No luck, don't hold much, just an old flush
made up of hearts Queen high off the faux-blush
Freak outs, leak out, and bleed out, and speak out
and reroute and seak out the weak crowd
And we doubt, but when I see it keep out
the beast I'll believe for now, it's all "peace, I gotta be out."

Here it comes, there it goes again.  Panic attack.  (x8)

(Sound clips of advertisements and quotes over beat to create nervous, panicky feeling)