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Artist: Atmosphere
Album:  You Can't Imagine How much Fun We're having
Song:   That Night
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[First Verse]
Don't even know if I can write this song
Caught on a beam between right and wrong
Gotta keep forward, keep straight
for the sake of why we stay awake all night long
It's not up for interpret
Paranoid of exploiting the verdict
But in the same breath
I got thoughts that I wanna express and let surface
This ain't for props or the pop culture
It's about a balloon that got punctured
The sunshines fun till it burns someone
And we all got burnt that summer
She was sixteen, another young angel with clipped wings
She came to the shows, but I never met her
Don't even know if she was listening
That night, we lost a supporter
That night, somebody lost a daughter
He raped and killed her at the venue
Can't comprehend what her friends must have went through
That night, the sun went dark
Now watch everyone on the tour bus fall apart
That night, Lord have mercy
The music died that night in Albequerque

[Second Verse]
Stop, it can't be true right?
This type of real doesn't happen to you right?
Cresent, Murs, Dibbs, Jaybird
I wanna go home now and start a new life
Wish I could pretect the kids
I guess safety is hit or miss
With a prior convicted sex offence against
a four year old, why we let you live?
Don't know what I'm trying to write
But there's a part of me that keeps dying that night
And when I think about her mother
I become another number that wants you to suffer
Your locked up for now
You have no more chances to steal the children's laughs
And if you ever find God
Better pray to her and ask that we never cross paths