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Artist: Atoms Family
Album:  Centa of Da Web/Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Song:   Brainstorm
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This is Whichcraft welcoming you to era of doom
Wack emcees throughout the land will be damned
Walk futures the end of earth from the cornerstones of oblivion
Will be Molecule and Cryptic One from the almighty Centa of Da Web
But first you been warned, here comes the brainstorm 

[Cryptic One]
Foolish earthlings trying to enter my abode
I'm impaling these fools 
Hailing they sales connecting rhymes to minds til they explode
I'm an expert at demolition
Demolishin' solar systems with verbal transmissions
Third eye incisions causin brain cells division
I saw you wishing by a wishing well
Wishing to avoid your impending slaughter
But you ordered off more than a quarter into the water
Enemies collapse by cryptic induce automatic asthmatic attacks
And wacks caskets prepared, so be scared of my erratic tactics prepared
See you wack as if you lyin' 
In a hospital on a craftmatic adjustable mattress
I hope you comfortable because in fact is
Can a double edgin death bed actually, nah maybe i'll let you live
Give you a sedative, let you leave, gonna make your pain repetitive
Won't recoup from eternal time loops, your flows are fabricated
Go back to raps you wack boys, your all getting contaminated
I'm erasin' generations of wack creations with all this fascination
I check the statement and i'm changin' in a slow pace
Like gaetians? talking, you'll be walking
While you forcing your little physical beyond it's limits
Realize that it's time to die, your finished
As acidic lyrical liquids encrypt scripts on litmus paper
The paper turns red, nuff said, time to meet your maker

You fear what you don't understand
I seperate a portion of my mind
Forcin' me to drift into the canals deep in the subconscious
Like Sigmund Freud, I place my database
Into the west sections of the cerebrum
Don't look back, i'm the violent type herbanostic
I'm black, emcees are feeble
I drop them off the face of the earth like the sprint needle
Electromagnetic batting bats burn our brain
I override minds with rhyme when i'm reversin' like flyin'
Simpletons get teleported on an icy mountain, look alive
I hold up your eyes in a pensive
Just listen, i'm a livin biogenic unstable exoskeleton
Data penetration cause neurological interference
With aliens i'm not playin
My brain is tilting like the tower of pisa
I throw gas bannisters before the knees of the wack
Stimulatin' nerve mechanical verves
Mechanical mind test like soundwaves
Call me the executioner, i'm holdin' a shiny axe
Over the heads of the wack
My thinkin' cap built in dreams, dreams like a biztack
My telepath computer wires slowly dissolve your memory banks
And cracks your minds by throwing multiplication signs

[Hook 4x]
Had it up to here with y'all weak ass rappers
You been warned, here comes the brainstorm

[Cryptic One]
Fools on any sides die, ensnares the minds
As I instrify you third eye
Get fried from my mind when fully energized
Don't apologize for your wackness, your tactics are clear
I taught you slow for you Van Gogh as I rip off your ear
I leap through the hole and see a mental chamber
I'll rearrange your mind
I'm a sentinel sent back in time
To assemble the mentals of your any kind
I'm dangerous, destroyin' all wackness in a thirty mile radius
Hearin' screams sayin' save us as my brainstorm erupts
Transform physical force to dust, from norm to lust
Winds gust with one verbal thrush, your kind eternally combust
See the clouds forming, take heed to the warning of brainstorming
Jesus gonna cross bones in the entrance of my mental catacombs
Through my zone you now roam with a piece of a snail
Til I heard you in my verbals and you run like gerbils through half a trail
Trapped in a mental dare, remain in my braincell contained milk
Your senses of death by sentences is to serve my verbal emphasis
Antithesis coming soon into my zoomed up brain range
Consumed like effective detective which insurrectin in brain sectors too
Who dare try to escape my mental state
No time for debate, now we must eliminate

Your spongy brain begins to fizz and override like an omatic matic
Sposed to a chemical solution
A portion of the matrix laser crystal infused to prides of spirits
Rappers aren't jumpin like the spaceship apollo 13
Livin' in my dreams through environments of bubble computer screens
Where fiberoptic luminated spectrums
Stargaze over the 'lectromagnetic transits in my dreams
I'm placin my poems on the epidermis of the earth's surface
Stationed in a rotatin axis on your simple planet
Like spiritlike ancients, I focus my minds on a wide radius 
Of a median about six miles in diameter
I need a precise calculation for accurate teleportations
Lego blocks, I lock, as my exoskeleton looms from windlike carbons
I was travelin' light gazing through broken time slots
I'm a warlock floats over copper colored basic
Bringin lights to match for lyrics, I hover
I use my fingers tips to cross through the water to mold your structure
I slow down your world like tiny paramesums
Movin in oil and vinegar, whiting anger with my pattern ten
I keep holdin a designer star crossed constellations
Dealing weakling brains with a response
My mind is like a time machine powered by electrons
Descend to the eons
Ahead of the rest, I've had it
Earth, take a good look at it
Because it might be your last chance
Here comes the brainstorm

[Hook til fade]