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Artist: The Away Team f/ L.E.G.A.C.Y., Phonte
Album:  Triple Play
Song:   Who's That
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[Intro] [Sean Boog Talking]
Phonte, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Sean Boog
Who's on the drums and the sample? Hehe. I'm fuckin' with you. KHRYSIS!

Just you and me and that dude over there
(Who's that?)
L.E.G.A.C.Y., we can take it to the death 
Just you and me, we can take it to the death
Just you and me, ain't nobody else left

[Verse One] [L.E.G.A.C.Y.]
Who's nice as us?
What Legcy on pop verses I
+Light It Up+ like Usher at a LB concert
Fuck shit up
My world's not friendly I
Fuck shit up
Tell 'em, mic verse tempt me
Take that
Now tell me how you like life
Khrysis makes tracks like it's Excite Bike
With all ramps and shit
It's Crystal Lake
And my whole camp is sick
Not well
Your album's better if you got L.
Man I'm a soldier
Your little CD?
I use it as a coaster
Leave rings on the table
Not niggas got labels
My niggas stay up
Should have told the Titanic
And Phonte appears
Courtesy of Atlantic
With all that bullshit
Yeah, I'm mad at y'all
I'm holdin' my dick
Yellin' out free Panama

Just you and me and that dude over there
(Who's that?)
Sean Boog, I'm comin' up from the rear
You know me, it's whatever
Sean Boog you know I'm way too clever

[Verse Two] [Sean Boog]
I done said what I gotta say
Why am I still speakin'?
It's sleekin' 
It's hard to keep between +Me, Myself & I+
Soul singin' De La
Till Dho hit high notes, the day I blow
Brain's hard as the shit that paves my roads
Take my throne the same why I 
Sat in class and take my notes at own will
Most cats overkill
With they best chance
Don't know the deal, get left broke
Heads soaked in sweat
I soak shit like Cotex
Your freak show, take the cheap road
Get flat broke like Pete Rose the beat goes
(Kissing you and)
Kiss my ass I'm gone
I'm takin' you to school like Bill Madison
Slow as Avalon
Stick your game up
Pick your weight up
I'm sayin' it's Pulp Fiction
Motherfuckers say "What again!"

Just you and me and that dude over there
(Who's that?)
Phontigga get your hands in air
And keep 'em there
Nobody tryin' to step to this
Get your mind right, I'm a God damn specialist nigga

[Verse Three] [Phonte]
If the streets is talkin' bout it
We doin' somethin' about it, ain't gotta scream it or shout it nigga
Hands up in the corner, they got you crowded cause
J League up in the buildin', got you surrounded nigga
Since we overload
When Tay is on the flo'
Hear you was tryin' to find a fan
Better go to Lowe's
Cause that's the only kind you got when I be seein' you, I
Make the crowd throw it up like bulimia
Let me and Sean Boog on the mic, Tag Teamin' ya
+Whoop, There It Is+ niggas, I still don't believe in ya
Cause y'all is just average
But sayin' I ain't one of the hungriest niggas out right now is just sacrilege
And God don't like ugly
So get it right buddy
That's from the heart, don't need no nigga to write for me
I do it to death when I'm doin' my thing
I'm rap's Milton Bradley, always on top my game
You know

Just you and me and that dude over there
(Who's that?)
J League, niggas say it ain't fair

[Outro] [Phonte talking]
Man, I don't gotta say no more man. I'll just talk my way out
You know what I'm sayin'? Y'all already know what it is
It's Phontigga with Sean Boog. It's Legzilla
Stayin' with Khrysis on the tracks. Y'all know how it's goin' down man
Yo, everybody keep doin'. We doin' it. Yeah we keep doin' it
On and on to the break, keep doin' it. Rock rock to the beat
We keep doin' it. Everybody don't stop, keep doin' it