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Artist: Baby Beesh (Baby Bash) f/ Russell Lee
Album:  On Tha Cool
Song:   Hydro Luv (Sexy Eyes)
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[Russell Lee]
Oh yeah

Chorus: Russell Lee
Baby, I'm a love you like some chronic smoke (Chronic smoke)
Keep you in my life, like some chronic smoke (Sexy eyes)
The way you leaving me cold (Sexual)
Girl, your love is like hydro

Repeat Chorus

[Baby Bash]
(Verse 1)
She got that sticky icky
And man, I'm picky who I'm pokin'
She got that bomb nana like that bong that I be smokin'
Ain't no jokin', ain't no tellin' lies
You must got me fucked up
If you think I ain't in paradise
Then I'm with her
Yes sir
Best believe it's true
I be with you
That you need it, boo
And that's the truth
Ain't no time for no silly kids
Up in your buis'
Recognize for what the realness is
And that's fa sho
Now I'm a give you some of that douja love
Show you in the mirror while I beat it up
Your stuff is off the leash
Now I'm a
Pow wow like a indian chief

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
When we alone
Or maybe out in public
I ain't scared to hold your hand, let 'em know how much I love it
Every inch is like a potent hit
Up in your lungs
So I'm a give you all of it
Now here it comes
And you ain't scared to call your homegirl
To make my toes curl
Three, some say nothin' to a boss when I'm in your world
So high
I get so high
It's like that purple kush, when I hit, no lie
Got you screamin' papi-san, while I'm smokin' marijuan'
And when I'm runnin' low
You so quick to get me some
Money squeezer
You love to call your boy cause he gon' please ya

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Russell Lee]
I'm so high, you make me touch the sky
When I'm with my baby, I'm in paradise (Paradise)
Cause I'm so high (I'm so high)
Baby girl, I'm feelin' you (Feelin' you)
The way I smoke and chill with you (Sexy eyes)
Say oooh
Girl, your love is like hydro

Repeat Chorus Twice