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Artist: Baby Beesh (Baby Bash) f/ NB Ridaz
Album:  The Ultimate Cartel
Song:   Official
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[MC Magic]
Hey yo, Baby Bash
I think it's time we make this official (Official...)

Chorus: MC Magic
Let's make this thang official
Let's do the damn thang
Let's make this thang official
Do you wanna smoke with me
Let's make this thang official
Let's do the damn thang
Let's make this thang official
Do you wanna smoke with me (Do you wanna smoke)

[Verse 1: Zig Zag]
I drop the first verse for the candy coated Caddy's
Girls, holla back, y'all (Nah)
Call him daddy
Who's that?
Ziggy Zag
Light one up
With Tha Smokin' Nephew from Vallejo
(???) get they play on
Baby Beesh, Baby Bash
Let's get the money, homie
Let's get the cash (Money, money)
V.I.P., drinks for free
When we hittin' the club (Yeah)
Crack a swisha sweet, open, rollin' the dubbie (Light that shit up)
You about to crash, dummy
Thinking would you could fuck with the Southwest
Dynamic duo
Act like you know
Recognize a flow
Hydroponic professional (Come on)

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 2: MC Magic]
You suckers testin' the game, make weight
Jealous, mad at the world
They got it twisted, be gifted
I hustle for another day
Bubbled up to get paid
Throw a party in the club
It's on, players, make way
Pop your collars
Get crunked
Straight laced to dust
Got you feelin' good
Natural balance with the grain
It's all cool
We fly
Do we take this game to the sky
Get your mind resurrected and your make up on time
Stop shootin', though, they walkin' this line
Hang that hoe up
Go 'head, homie, put it inside
Meet me on the grind
They still say that this life be cheap
How could it be, gettin' cheese, it's a life that we leave

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Baby Bash]
Now I seen dro and hydro, I don't know what you gettin' on
Got three bitches in my new spread vision phone
Sittin' on
Chops with a little chrome
Sippin' on
Somethin' that'll get 'em thrown
Off top, night time is the right time
Prime time, got a dame, let me light mine
Texas, thanks for lettin' these players join ya
Caviar wishes with them champagne flies
If you goin' to do it, do the damn right
In the twilight, sparkin' up a green light
Me and sleepy
Finna flip the game tight (Game tight)

Hook: MC Magic
For my ladies in the front (For my ladies)
For my ladies in the back (For my ladies)
And to these ballers
Light up a sack

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus Twice