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Artist: (Baby Beesh f/) Chingo Bling
Album:  The Ultimate Cartel
Song:   See Me at the Pulga (Interlude)
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[Chingo Bling]
Ay primo
Watchale con mi disco, it's gonna come out real soon
It's called Chingo Bling
The name of the CD is "What Did He Said"
A lot of people
They like to say, "What did he said"
After I rap, I don't know whys

(Main Verse)
Y'all some little putitos
Some little jotitos
Got more wood, in my Regal
Then them boys in Home Depot
Chingo Bling, culero
The number one, freestylero
You might know me
From el grupo Los Traileros
Hog the lane
Swang and bang
Chingo Bling
Piece and chain
Got a rooster on my back
And under that, it says my name
Little diamonds on my chain
Big diamonds on my ring
Other one is on my pinky
Crawlin' on some twinky-inky
Chingo Bling
I'm on fire
You can't stop me, you don't know
I just barely met your hoe
Took her back to Mexico (Watchale!)
Diamonds, platinum, how I shine
You don't wanna see me pull out my nine
Diamonds on my wrist that'll make you go blind
Cover your eyes if you don't wanna go blind

[Chingo Bling]
Y Luisa
Why you left me for Chingo?
Cause you don't got no diamonds, STUPID

Chorus: Chingo Bling
You see me at the pulga, you don't see me at the mall
I started to run fast, but the migra made me fall
Sopita de rice
Sopita de pollo
Tengo dientes de ice
You have dientes de follo

[Chingo Bling]
Aqui mero culeros por los Stone City Records
Mirame el grill, mira
Pla-ti-num and dia-monds, stupid!
No chingaderas!
You know what?
You might see me with Big Tiggers
On el Basement
Or you might see me with Johnny Carnales
Mismo jale
Just different canales
And you little bootleggers
Bootleggin' my shit, on the underground
Stop it
Because I already know
Stop it
Stop bootleggin' my shit