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Artist: Big Gemini f/ Flo Rida, Lil Rob
Album:  Hypnotized Remix 12"
Song:   Hypnotized (Get With You) (Remix) *
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* Censored before release, only radio edit exists
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(Big Gemini in background)
[Big Gemini] Yeah...
[Flo Rida]   I see ya, shorty
[Big Gemini] Ace 1
[Flo Rida]   Flo Rida wanna know your name, girl (Yeah...)
             Come here, let me holla at ya (Ay...)

[Verse 1: Flo Rida]
Shorty, I been watching you by
I wanna get to know you
Flo Rida, I'm so hypnotized
Shaped like a coke
Lady, so don't you be surprised
I go for broke
Babies turn me on, you'se a dime
You on that level, shine
Like my Roley bezel
You deserve a medal, ma, if I let you know that this
Fella right here is feeling you
Something special 'bout
Little mama, yeah, you're sexy and cute
Girl, you ready
Apple bottoms, so that say you the true
Like my Chevy
You a problem, steal a show coming through
I wanna know your name, I wanna show you thangs
I wanna see you Get Low while I give you dough and fly ya to the plane
We step out in the rain, that's real ghetto fame
Shorty, I hope we do it, just for you, when I'm on the Cherry lanes

Chorus: Ace 1
I can't keep
My eyes off you
So hypnotized by
The way, you move
And I just wanna know
Baby, what's your name
And maybe later on
We can go somewhere

[Ace 1 (Big Gemini in background)]
Little mama, all I really wanna do is
Get, with you (What's it gonna take, yeah)

[Verse 2: Big Gemini]
Tell me what I gotta do
I ain't like these other suckers runnin' game on you
I'm sure you hear it all the time, but
I don't spit lines
I don't waste breath [{*shit*}] on all that mess
If I said it, then I meant it, not to try to get between ya
And I ain't gotta wild you to make you a believer
Some like to make it rain, yeah, we can make it rain
Like JD once said, [{*shit*}], Money Ain't A Thang
I ain't tryin' to impress you, look mama, you can tell, would I gotta
But that don't matter
But that don't matter
And we can get it poppin' like these champagne bottles
Go and play hard to get along, it'll make me try harder
Come on

Repeat Chorus

Hook: Ace 1
Little mama, all I really wanna do is
Get, with you
Tell me, what it's gonna take to
Get, with you

[Verse 3: Lil Rob]
How can she lose with what she use, I love the way she moves
I love the way your body so smooth
I love the way she
Flows to the groove (Groove...)
And now she keeps
Lil Rob in the mood (Mood...)
All it took was one look in her eyes, and I was hypnotized
Get them swirls in my eyes, when this girl's in my sight
Have the site dynomite (Mite...)
Such a sight
To see, to me
The only girl I wanna bite
Cause I like it (Like it)
You likely delighted (Lighted)
To get you excited (Excited)
Keep you ignited (Ignited)
You must be
The baddest thing I ever seen, I think I seen you in my dream
Or maybe it was a magazine
I don't really know (Know...)
But I get so excited
With you and your anatomy...

Repeat Chorus

[Ace 1]