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Artist: Busta Rhymes f/ BJ the Chicago Kid, MF DOOM
Album:  The Abstract Went On Vacation
Song:   In the Streets
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You can't join 'em? Beat 'em!
Villian teach you where to score some old concrete crumbs
Word is +Gold Bond+, feets powder, corns numb
'specially in the summer, bless the drummer, warned 'em
Tight your cleats, or else it's right to the white meat
Some I bite to eat, others write the light bright heat
Despite, threat, regardless of the aspect 
The shack, the burnin holes through his black neck, fact check
No flicks, any scam thought alot with the quicks
Like the mini camcorder box, it's a brick click
Classic, as we stalk the great outdoors
Only use the magic nowadays to talk 'em out they drawers
But umm, before he go there, let me take it where it started from
Smart kid sold some snake spit to a 'tarded bum
Not without cardin 'em, it's to garden 'em
Find me in the mid-90s' +Midnight Maraudin+ 'em
Hard, they wanted no part of him
More rhymes the way's to get paid, and it's a lot of 'em
Great minds see alike, take a sneak peek
Peep one foot out, still knee deep
No frontin if he ain't go huntin
or something, he definitely ain't gon' run 'em

[Busta Rhymes]
In the streets is where you witness the worst shit happen in public
Where babies grow and turn into killers and and how they become it
They evolve as a result of not havin food in the cupboard
Knowin the shit they be doin is foul and grow to love it
Where the shit is never staged, every presentation is live
Some'll bang and turn Crip and probably start whippin a 5
But every now and then you find the mind of a child that has triumphed
Unique characteristics and deals with a higher science
Aspirin to take over the world and really does it
ALL one-hundred ninety-six million nine-hundred forty thousand 
square miles of it, damn it's strange how shit change!
But when you look again, ironically some shit is still the same
But in these streets you'll probably find a nigga regularly dreamin
Payin attention to everything, regularly schemin
Tryin to calculate the next hustle without attractin heat
That's some of the many different things that be goin down {"in the streets"}
Where bodies get clapped floatin in oceans {"in the streets"}
It's where the suffering can callus your emotion {"in the streets"}
But parents pray for their children, constantly hoping {"in the streets"}
That their babies don't end up killed, in jail, or smoking {"in the streets"}
It's where you learn to make THINGS out of nothing {"in the streets"}
Where people smoke crack instead of taking a buffering {"in the streets"}
Despite the sound of the ratchet bustin is common {"in the streets"}
Where what we lived, the most other people is foreign {"in the streets"}

[Chorus: BJ The Chicago Kid]
The stree-heeets, to be from the streets, it's a blessing, it's a blessing
{"In the streets"} It teach the most unforgettable lessons, yeah lessons
{"In the streets"} So a nigga from the street, don't test him, don't test him
{"In the streets"} Where most niggaz probably get killed 
Even babies busy fightin over breast milk
{"In the streets"} The streets'll helps you get your soul right
Hope the wolves don't get to standin in the street light
{"In the streets"} And if them wolves catch you, night night
Wear your boxers in the dirt and eatin Popeye's
{"In the streets"} And don't forget my hot sauce
Get your mind right so you won't get your life lost

It's like a jungle, 24/7, 365
.44, high score, guerilla war tour
Yeah sure sure, when push comes to shove
It's well-done beef but it's still done love

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo, on more than LIKELY a level of hatred you can't imagine
All desperate acts occur cause of hunger beyond famine
Where instead of friends, your ratchet becomes your closest companion
And when it's beef, you leave bodies with holes the size of CANYONS~!

On the strength, she wasn't lent three cent
Got her own connect for free rent off the cement
Now what if that was your moms? Short arms 
Quarter waters to bottles of Dom bought the {?}

[Busta Rhymes]
Aiyyo the streets consist abundantly of happiness and sorrow
It's also where you lurk to secure your food for tomorrow
Where we take your shit cause we ain't paying it back if we borrow
But become the one that shine so the rest of the hood can follow