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Artist: Betty Wright & The Roots f/ Joss Stone
Album:  Betty Wright: The Movie
Song:   Whisper in the Wind
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Is that all our love has been? 
Just a whisper in the wind

[Verse One: Betty Wright] 
I thought it was important to ya
I thought I was the icing on your cake  
I thought it was going according to the plan 
Was that a mistake?  
Now someone is in love, and someone is in like and 
Someone's holding on with all their might 
and someone's letting go, what, no kiss goodbye? Oh no! 
And someone is the answer to the question why.. 


(Yo' turn)

[Verse Two: Joss Stone]
Forget about the times, my shoulder was your savior, mm-hmm baby  
Now, remember how we use to smile through thick and thin  
I would never play ya.. 
And if I was your mind (your mind) 
You were my thoughts inside (my thoughts inside)
No lies could tie our hands  
We were free, just you and me free  
You meant so much to me baby 
Now look around, the room is empty 
The room is empty  


[Bridge: Betty & Joss]
The pedals from our love's flower keep fallin (fallin)  
And right outside my heart's door, your love, I can hear you callin (callin)
Say it louder.. 
You say you're gonna have a heart to heart, well baby why you stallin? (stallin) 
Tell me why! 
And in my vision this indecision, it's tormenting, haunting me